Open Ended Infant Toys

These open-ended infant toys are what I would buy for my infant if we had an infinite budget! I love to spend money, remember? 😉 I’ll be sure to note which toys I actually am buying for my infant.

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This toy serves all kinds of purpose! Musical fun, blocks, balls, sorting, etc! And it slides in under $24 #score. This is one we’re actually getting for our son!

We already own this sorting cube from Melissa & Doug and we love it! It’s fun for stacking the shapes and knocking them down, as well as learning colors and shapes later on.

Another great stacking set with endless possibilities for play and learning later on!

This rainbow is another one on our personal list for our son. It’s a dupe for a popular similar toy that costs like $120 – no thank you! This one is less than $14 and looks to be a pretty decent size still!

Another item we’ll be getting for our son is a good set of stacking cups! We have a small 5 cup set that a friend gave us and he loves to bang them on the tile, so he’ll go crazy for this 10 piece set. Bonus: these are great for in the tub too!

Lastly, this cool little puzzle comes completely apart, pegs and all! Great for fine motor skill development, as well as colors later on.

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Now if you’re anything like me, the fact that these open-ended infant toys always involve a million loose pieces gives me anxiety! Where exactly am I supposed to store them all?! I know using bins is fairly popular, but it seems like a waste of space (and money) to have one bin dedicated to one toy. That’s why I suggest these!

With these mesh bags to keep the pieces contained, you can fit as many different toys into a bin as possible! And the mesh material makes it easy for your kids to see what exactly is in the bag without even opening it!

What items are on your shopping list for your infants?

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