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Harmony Doesn’t Exist

Harmony Doesn’t Exist

Time in one area is time away from another. – Pamela Shaw You guys, I know it’s been awhile, but this post is going to somewhat explain my absence of posts. I know I’m not the only mom in the world who feels overwhelmed. I’m in about a gajillion Facebook groups and all of them are overflowing with moms who are at their breaking point. Moms who are working hard, day in and day out, and are exhausted. They are mentally drained and physically touched out. They are wrought with anxiety and depression and turning to wine to cope. If […]

My Breastfeeding Journey

Just to get it out of the way – this post is gonna talk about my boobs a lot. I’ll probably use the word “nipple” at least a dozen times. So if that makes you uncomfortable then #bye ✌️

The Force of the Universe That Does Want You to Fail

Like, I said, the Universe isn’t a thing, so why did I feel like there’s a force out there that wants me to fail? 

And then it dawned on me in the middle of the day as I sat in the glider in Clementine’s nursery. I feel like there’s a force out there that wants me to fail because there is. 

OdySea Aquarium 2017

OdySea Aquarium 2017

When your husband gets a free ticket to the new aquarium, you take advantage of it, even if your kid is a little young for it and it’s over 30 minutes away.

10 Minute Makeup Look

I could easily and gladly spend over an hour doing my makeup, but that isn’t always feasible, so I have developed a routine and discovered go-to products that help me achieve a put-together look while not investing too much time.