Best Gifts for Energetic Toddlers

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my toddler has endless amounts of energy. She’s like the Energizer bunny on drugs some days, so when I’m looking at gift ideas for her, I like to look for toys to help her burn off all her energy. I want things that she can entertain herself with and will keep her body moving. But I also want toys to help her develop and learn. So we’re gonna take a peak at both on this list: the best gifts for energetic toddlers and gifts to help them grow!

Best Gifts for Energetic Toddlers

Let’s start with the gifts that help them get their wiggles out! These are my favorite gifts because they foster independence but also keep my toddler moving. Unfortunately, these gifts can get a bit more expensive, but there are some good options out there on the market. And it never hurts to ask family if they want to go in on a bigger gift purchase with you either!

The item at the top of my list for our toddler is a Nugget Couch! These things seem to be all the rage and I know it’ll be perfect for Clementine to play and get her energy out. These reconfigurable little couches seem to provide hours of fun indoor play and I’m so excited for Clementine to get one this year!

For more information on a Nugget, here’s a little YouTube video I found for you!

This Wiggle Box from Amazon is a great way to get kids moving! It comes fulled with chips that have directions on how to move and wiggle around. Things like walking around on your tip toes, patting your head and rubbing your belly, slither on your belly like a snake.

These stepping stones are great for active, open-ended play! Appropriate for both indoors and outdoors, these will have your toddlers engaged for hours!

If you have an energetic toddler then you absolutely need this trampoline! It’s fairly small, easy to set up, and provides my daughter with so much joy. She loves to bounce on this trampoline! Ours is nearly two years old and has taken quite some abuse and is holding up very well.

And last on our list for the best gifts for energetic toddlers is the bilibo seat! Not only can your child sit in it and spin (pretty quickly, I might add) but they can use it as a stepping stone as well. And it comes in a bunch of colors! And it has many other uses too, even in water! And that sounds like a great value for $27!

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Gifts for imaginative play and development

Board games such as Candy Land can be great learning tools for toddlers! Not only will they practice colors, but they practice following directions, taking turns, and losing – all important life skills!

Other good board games for toddlers are Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Hungry Hungry Hippos! I have fond memories of playing all of these games as a kid, so I look forward to playing them with my toddler!

A much more open-ended toy is these rainbow stackers! I love all the different tones of the colors and how versatile it is! Just look at all the options for building and playing! This is definitely on our list for Clementine as well!

When it comes to imaginative play, you can’t go wrong with a set of people! these rainbow peg people come with a variety of shades and are gender neutral. And the head and body are one piece of wood, so there’s no worry about the heads popping off!

These Squigs are suction cup builders. They come in several different sizes and different models too! Lots of versatility when it comes to building and playing, especially considering you can use these in the bath too!

And that wraps up the best gifts for energetic toddlers and some gifts to help them learn and develop as well! My toddler will definitely be receiving some of these for Christmas. I can’t wait to see how she learns and plays.

What’s on your shopping list for your toddler? Did this list give you any good ideas? Did you know I have an infant list too? Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!