If you haven’t deduced it yet, my name is Kalyn. This blog is a place for me to ramble about the things I’m passionate about: God, motherhood, and makeup. At my current age of 27 years old, I’m finding myself at a cross roads. Sink or float; do or die; make it or break it. I’m sure you get the idea! I’m learning and relearning balance in my life as a wife, mother, member of the Church, friend, and now blogger. With 2018 before me, my goal this year is to expand. Expand my mind, my faith, my platform, my influence, my skills, my everything. I hope you’ll join me on this journey – I know it’s going to be a good one!

As for a little bit more about me… my husband’s name is Derek and he teaches first grade. He’s currently in his masters program at Grand Canyon University. We also have a daughter named Clementine (born January 2016). She is the funniest, sassiest, and silliest little thing I have ever met and my life would be approximately 37x more boring without her! We live in Phoenix, Arizona (born and raised) and attend Grace Bible Church of Phoenix. I’ve been a Christian since April of 2011. If you’re interested in reading more about my testimony (basically how I became a Christian), please click here. My husband and I maintain a ketogenic diet, and you will see posts about that from time to time. I’m currently just shy of 55 lbs lost and still have about 25 lbs to go. I’m also a working makeup artist and love to read. Now please enjoy some cute pictures of my cute family!


February 2017


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