Fancy running into you here! 😉 Welcome to my blog. This blog serves as my heart and soul. It’s my small slice of the Internet where I connect with moms to better serve them. For more on that, read this! But for now, let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m 29 years old, my husband’s name is Derek, and we have two kids, Clementine (born January 2016) and Lincoln (born February 2019). Derek and I got married in May of 2013. He teaches 3rd grade and I’m a stay at home mom with a passion for makeup, blogging, and helping moms. I decided to start a blog so I’d have something for myself after becoming a mom.

My husband and I are members of Grace Bible Church. It’s a small non-denominational church that is currently overrun with children. I became a Christian back in 2010… or 2011… Now that I’m thinking about it I can’t recall #mombrain. You can read more about my testimony here!

We’re a ketogenic family. After pouring over a lot of research I firmly believe that carbohydrates are nonessential. My goal everyday is to eat as close to 0g of carbs per day as possible. I have an entire page with a lot more information here!

Other than that, be sure to connect with me on social media! I’m most active on Instagram – I happen to think I’m fairly funny on my IG stories.

Now here are some cute pictures of my cute family for your viewing pleasure!

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