Makeup for Face Masks: 5 tips to still wear makeup

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With more and more states making masks in public mandatory, lots of people are left wondering how to do their makeup for face masks.

I mean, that mask is going to be covering half of your face. In this post you can learn how to keep the exposed half looking beautiful! This isn’t about whether or not we should be wearing masks. This is for people who want to stay look fabulous while wearing a mask.

Makeup while wearing a mask

As always, if you don’t want to wear makeup while wearing a mask then that is 100% your choice. But if you are interested in learning how to confidently still rock some makeup while wearing a mask then follow these 5 tips.

1) Use a lighter coverage base product.

Like I said in my post all about selecting a foundation based on coverage, lighter foundations, including BB or CC creams, are lower maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to makeup for face masks, less is more.

If your base products get smudged or messed up because of your face mask, it is much less obvious and also easier to fix.

If you’re already using a BB or CC cream because it’s summertime then you’re all set to go!

2) Focus on your brows.

In 2020 I think we all know the importance of a good brow. Brows frame your entire face, which becomes even more important when half of your face is covered by a mask.

Really take the time to properly accentuate them when wearing a mask.

3) Avoid too much dark eyeliner.

Too much dark eyeliner can close off your eyes, making them appear small and squinty. Keep your eyes looking fresh and awake by only using eyeliner on your top lash line.

If you really want to keep your eyes looking open and awake, you can also skip mascara on your lower lashes.

4) Lashes, lashes, lashes.

An additional way to play up your eyes is to make sure your lashes are on point.

You can do this by making sure your eyelashes hold a distinct curl or by wearing some comfortable falsies.

Magnetic falsies are extremely comfortable to wear, as there is no glue pulling on your lid or lashes. Ardell makes affordable magnetic lashes that are great – you can read about my experience with them here as well as a cool hack to make them easier to apply!

Another comfortable way to wear falsies is to use these lash trios from Kiss. Just glue a couple clusters toward your outer corner for a subtle cat-eye effect.

This link is an Amazon affiliates link. If you make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no cost to you, the consumer.

5) Highlight your inner corners.

Another way to draw attention to your eyes and liven them up is to highlight the inner corner.

I love a more diffused application using a fluffy brush to make the inner corners of my eyes look bright and awake.

With these 5 tips for makeup for face masks you’re sure to draw attention to your eyes and away from your mask.

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