Morning Routine During Quarantine: why I still put on makeup

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We’re all trying to find a new normal in the midst of this pandemic. New routines and schedules. Some of us are learning how to work from home. Some of us no longer have jobs. Some of us are learning to be teachers. But amidst all this change I’ve still continued to put makeup on during my morning routine. And you should too.

Finding comfort in your morning routine.

During such uncertain times, familiar things can bring us a great deal of comfort. That’s why, even if you aren’t heading off to work anymore or are just heading to your new at-home office, I recommend still sticking to your regular morning routine as much as possible.

It may seem silly to do your makeup when you aren’t leaving the house. You may not think it’s necessary.

But a consistent morning routine can not only provide comfort, but it can help you start your day off on the right foot.

Wearing makeup can help with productivity.

According to this article from Refinery 29, wearing makeup can help your brain differentiate between work and home. That’s an important distinction for our brains to make now that lots of us are working from home.

This tip is especially helpful for those who regularly don’t wear makeup on the weekends. Our brains associate no makeup with the weekend, so suddenly not wearing makeup all the time can really hinder our productivity.

Feeling good about yourself boosts your mood.

In Western society women are essentially raised to care about their looks. So it stands to reason that feeling good about yourself boosts your mood.

The beauty of this is that what makes you feel or look good is entirely up to you. Your morning routine can change to suit your needs (and the needs of your family) in this strange time.

Previously, your morning routine to get ready for work may have taken you 45 minutes to an hour. It doesn’t have to during this time. In fact, this is a great time to catch up on much-needed sleep, seeing as how most Americans don’t get consistently good sleep.

Alternatively, this is also a good time to experiment and/or practice with your makeup looks and techniques! You could experiment with new spring trends or adding pops of color to your look. There’s no pressure if you mess up because you won’t be leaving your house.

5-minute makeup look in my morning routine

As I said earlier, it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to spend 30 minutes – or even 15 minutes – on your makeup during this time. Fortunately, even the littlest effort can go a long way.

Here’s some quick tips to throw together a 5-minute makeup look.

1) Skip foundation and apply concealer + eye cream under the eyes

Foundation is easily the most high-maintenance product. Skip it altogether and opt for some concealer mixed with eye cream under the eyes.

It gives you some sheer coverage and adds a beautiful, radiant glow to that area of your face.

If you aren’t big on eye cream or want a little more coverage, you can mix your concealer with a BB or CC cream for the same effect.

2) Do something to your brows

Literally just anything. How much effort I put into my brows changes daily.

Sometimes it’s just tinted brow gel. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of eyeshadow – a technique/hack I discuss in this post. Sometimes I go through further defining the arches with brow pencil.

3) Define your eyes with mascara

I feel like mascara is that one staple product that almost all women use, but now is not the time to stop.

Mascara not only brings definition to your eyes, it can help your eyes to look more open; thus looking more awake and rested.

4) Do something to your lips

Again, anything goes here! Chapstick, lip balm, gloss, etc.

And those 4 simple steps accumulate to a really simple and easy makeup look. No stress. No fuss. All good feelings.

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