Spring Makeup Look: how to update your makeup for a new season

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Spring is about to be sprung! And that means it’s time to pack up our winter makeup and explore all the spring trends. I’m talking about cream blush, fresh and dewy skin, fluffy brows, and fun eyeshadow! I love myself a good spring makeup look!

I’ll also be giving some tips on how you can update your makeup wardrobe for spring without breaking the bank. I’m all about beauty budget 101 these days!

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Spring makeup look vs. winter makeup look

If you’re thinking, “Update my makeup wardrobe? What the heck?!” This doesn’t mean you have to! Like I always say, there are no rules in makeup. But let’s just explore how spring makeup can differ from winter makeup.

Winter makeup trends

Winter makeup is typically matte (although with the new emphasis on skincare this year I’m hoping that’s changing!).

And people tend to lean on the glamorous side of things due to holiday parties and such. Things like glitter, fluffy lashes, and long-lasting lipsticks.

There’s a huge emphasis on lips during winter, as all the dark, vampy colors come out to play.

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Spring makeup trends

A good spring makeup look is perhaps my favorite because it’s so much more low-maintenance!

Fresh, glowy skin is in, which means using minimal powder – hallelujah!

Overall the complexion products tend to be more natural and light-weight, allowing a lot of the natural skin to shine.

Juicy and glossy lips are favored during this time of year.

Lots of bronzing and less contouring.

People tend to lean towards blushes with a glow or sheen to them.

Doesn’t this all sound juicy and delicious?!

Spring makeup ideas

This look I created was largely inspired by KathleenLight’s recent makeup tutorial. I want to highlight a few of the makeup products I used to achieve this look but also give you suggestions on how to potentially achieve this look using products you already have.

Fresh, glowing skin

I’m so happy to see this trend emerging because I am so over high-maintenance foundations! I just want to be able to slap something on, show off my natural skin, and not worry too much about how it’s holding up through out the day.

To achieve this look today I used the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. It comes in 3 shades, as this effortlessly blends into your skin and doesn’t provide much coverage. I love how light this feels on my skin while still enhancing my complexion.

Lots of brands are releasing products like this though, because it’s such a big trend, so you can honestly just take your pick.

I like a little extra coverage under my eyes and on my nose, so when it came time to apply to those areas I mixed a dab of my foundation into the BB cream.

I still powdered under my eyes and my t-zone to prevent creasing.

The best way to apply BB creams is with your hands. It’s quick and efficient. Blend it into your skin with rubbing motions and then pat away any streaks. I’ve found that sponges absorb most BB creams and that brushes take far too long.

To achieve a BB cream-esque look, try mixing your foundation and moisturizer 50/50. It’ll give you some of the perfecting qualities of your foundation while looking more natural still.

Undone and fluffy brows

Brows are getting more and more undone and I love it! We’re saying good-bye to perfectly sculpted brows and all the pressure that comes with it. Sayonara!

I’ve been doing this look for awhile now, because I just no longer have the patience to stress out about my brows. Between my two kids and my brows, something had to give!

Achieving this look is super easy! Just run some brow powder through your brows and set with a brow gel. I prefer a tinted brow gel, like this one from NYX, because my brow hairs are fairly light.

If you don’t have brow powder, look in your eyeshadow palettes to see if you have an eyeshadow that will suffice. I exclusively use eyeshadow and it’s never done me wrong!

Cream blush

At this point I think we’re all well aware of my love affair with blush, so this new trend has me totally excited!

Cream blush seems to be all the rage, with both drugstore and high-end brands releasing their own versions. Literally. You can throw a rock in just about any makeup aisle and hit a cream blush.

It’s so popular because it provides you with a beautiful flush of color while still looking more natural. Again, we’re trying to achieve that angelic and glowy complexion.

I have the Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-cream blushes in Coral Ember and Rose Flush. I find the best way to apply these particular blushes is by squirting some on the back of my hand and then dabbing them onto my cheeks with my fingers or a damp sponge. This gel-cream formula doesn’t work well with brushes.

If you’re too oily to use a cream blush during summer or just simply don’t want to spend the money, just use your favorite blush that has a glow to it. Glowy blushes during spring and summer are amazing!

Colorful eyeshadows

Simple and colorful eyeshadow looks are very “in” right now! Particularly neon colors and pastels too. I feel like I’m seeing those everywhere!

A bright matte color blended all over the lid and into the crease… Smudging a color along your lash line as a faux eyeliner… Using a pop of color in the inner corner… Does any of this sound familiar? 😉

For this look in particular I used my Huda Beauty neon orange obsessions palette. It’s perfect for the current neon trend!

Huda also recently released three pastel obsessions palettes as well.

But if you’re looking for a similar vibe but don’t want to spend too much, check out Colourpop for some vibrant eyeshadows to achieve this look!

Glossy lips

Last (but certainly not least), let’s discuss the glossy lips trend.

You guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to say good-bye to matte lips! I just love the ease of gloss. Easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to fix, easy to remove – SIGN ME UP!

But you can’t just wear any gloss, you know? Some are thick and sticky. Some goop up the inside of your mouth. No no no.

I personally love Fenty’s gloss bomb in Fu$$y. It’s flattering, comfortable to wear, and smells delicious. There’s 5 other colors you can choose from as well.

But if you’re looking to get the look for an affordable price, I highly recommend NYX butter gloss, a cult classic. It comes in a bazillion shades and smells like dessert!

Both of these glosses will give you that wet and shiny look everyone is after these days.

And that sums up 5 spring makeup trends for 2020! Add them together and you’ve got a gorgeous spring makeup look!

What spring trend are you looking forward to incorporating?

Did you find this helpful? If so, please share!

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