How to Survive the First Year with Two Kids

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In just a couple days I’ll officially have survived the first year of having two kids. Can someone please just throw me a party?! This is honestly something to celebrate because – let me tell you – going from one to two kids is rough business. Everyone says it is the toughest transition, but I made it! We’re all alive and well, and I want to share with you some things I found to be particularly helpful during this transition to two kids. I’ll be sharing things I did, as well as some products/items that made this transition a bit smoother.

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Why having two kids can be so difficult.

If you haven’t been cursed with the gift of overthinking, here are some reasons why transitioning to more than one kid can be difficult:

  • If your newborn doesn’t sleep, you still have to be up and functioning for your other kid. No sleeping when the baby sleeps because your other kid is awake and needs yet another snack.
  • Even though you’ve only doubled the amount of kids you have, meal times are somehow now 7x harder. While baby wearing over a sweltering stove top, your toddler will still beg you for 32 snacks as you cook.
  • Speaking of eating, it’s likely that your kids won’t be on the same eating schedule for awhile. Between myself and both kids I’m in the kitchen making food like eight times a day.
  • Nursing a newborn every 1-2 hours while your toddler incessantly begs for more snacks is like the seventh circle of hell (if you can’t tell, my four year old loves snacks!).

And these points are just a small snippet of the challenges I’ve faced over the last year.

3 things I did to survive.

Gave myself grace.

Hands down the most important part! If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be this point.

All anyone can do is the best they can do, right? Don’t expect more than your best. There will be times where your best doesn’t feel good enough. Both kids will be crying and you have to somehow divide and conquer. It will feel defeating and exhausting, but all you can do is give it your all.

Stuck to a routine.

Kids, and often times adults, thrive on routine. If you’re one of those awesome working moms, then routine will come quicker once you return to work. But us stay at home moms need to develop the discipline to stick to a routine.

This routine can 100% be dictated by your new baby, as far as eating and nap times go, but the predictability will be your saving grace.

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Took care of myself.

How each mom cares for herself will look different, but it’s imperative that you don’t let yourself go by the wayside.

For me, showering regularly and doing even just a tiny bit of makeup always helped to perk me up.

There’s this running joke in motherhood that moms don’t always remember the last time we showered. We’re trying to find humor in this situation, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t feel good when your life is so out of control and chaotic that your basic hygiene is suffering. At the very least, do whatever you can to shower regularly.

3 products that helped me survive.

A white noise machine.

Seriously, don’t skimp on this thing, especially if your older kid is still at home full time.

A nice, loud white noise machine really helped to drown out all the ruckus from our toddler when the baby was sleeping.

Huckleberry app.

If you’re a new mom to two kids, chances are that you feel like your brain cells are leaking out of your ears. Between hormones, sleeplessness, and learning to juggle the needs of more than one kid, your memory is shot.

But fear not – Huckleberry to the rescue!

Huckleberry is a nifty little app that helps you keep track of allllll the newborn things. Diaper changes, nursing, bottle feeding, pumping, naps, wakings – all the things!

And the way this app visually displays the data helps you to easily spot patterns in your new baby’s routine.

It can be a little difficult to get into the habit of logging everything, but once you do this app is seriously a life saver!

A baby carrier.

The main struggle with adding more kids is that you need to be present and functioning for all of them. But how exactly am I supposed to prepare 12 snacks a day for my toddler when my infant is going through a leap and refuses to be put down??

Instead of growing two more arms, I recommend getting some sort of baby carrier.

You may be interested in: Ergonomic Hipseat baby carrier

For the snuggly, squishy newborn days I highly recommend a ring sling. It’s easy to use, light weight, and doesn’t have an additional three yards of fabric that you have to figure out what to do with.

And once you’re able to back carry with your baby, I 10,000% recommend that for when you need to get stuff done around the house. So much easier to do household things that way!

Now don’t get me wrong – this transition to two kids was still difficult, even with all these things that helped. But I do think these things majorly helped for things to go smoothly.

Did you find this post helpful or informative? If so, share with a mama who is expecting her second child!

Do you have any tips for making the transition from 1 to 2 kids go smoothly?

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