Foundation Match: more than just the correct color, part 4

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In this last installment of our foundation series, I wanna talk about customizing your foundation for the ultimate experience. So far we’ve discussed undertones, skin type, and coverage. By now you’re pretty much a foundation pro! But this next tip on customizing your foundation is really going to take your makeup game to the next level.

Customizing your foundation

This is for women who have found a great foundation but maybe want to tweak just one aspect of it. This post is also great for you if you’re having a problem with your foundation but aren’t quiet sure how to tackle it.

Just to throw it out there – I blog a lot about using what you have and spending wisely. I have posts with tips that don’t cost any money. This is not one of those posts. Customizing your foundation requires additional products. Those products don’t have to be expensive by any means, but it’s (obviously) impossible to alter your foundation without an additional product.

Pro tip: if there’s ever a foundation you want to learn more about, I highly recommend searching for it in Taylor Wyn’s foundation Friday playlist. I absolutely adore Taylor and she is the foundation queen!

Setting with powders

Ideal for: those with oily skin and those who want to extend the wear of their foundation.

The most common way to customize your foundation is by setting it with powder. I’d say most people set their foundation in some capacity on a daily basis. Setting with powder not only mattifies the finish of your foundation, it can also extend the wear of your foundation. So if you have a foundation you love and need it to last a couple more hours, try setting it. Or if you find that your nose gets super oily by the end of the day, dust some powder over it.

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Adding a drop of oil

Ideal for: those with dry or normal skin and those who want to add some life into a matte foundation.

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If you’ve been around awhile, then you probably know that I’m obsessed with jojoba oil. Yes, even as someone who leans oily in my t-zone, I absolutely love using this beauty oil. I use it as a skincare product, but I also love to add a single drop to my matte foundation. I find it brings so much dimension and movement to my complexion without making it too shiny or compromising the longevity. So if you have a foundation that maybe looks too matte or a little dull on your skin, try adding a single drop of a beauty oil.

Mixing foundations

Ideal for: those who have built up a foundation collection

If you’ve amassed a foundation collection in your quest to find the perfect foundation, the I highly suggest foundation mixing. There’s no reason all of those foundations should go to waste just because they aren’t your holy grail foundation. Create your holy grail foundation by mixing up your own!

If you have one that’s slightly too dark, mix it with a lighter one. If you have one that’s too matte, mix it with one that has a dewy finish. If you have one that doesn’t last that long, mix it with one that has more longevity. You get the idea!

And with these final three tips, you now have all the info you need to know about finding your perfect foundation! I promise it’s out there, even if it is a little more complicated for you to find. However, if you’re sick of trial and error and would like some help trouble shooting, feel free to leave a comment below or DM on Instagram and I would love to make some suggestions for the issues you’re having! 🙂

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