Easy Eyeshadow Look for Moms

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I recently got a request for an easy eyeshadow look for moms from the drugstore. Realistically, of course, anyone can use this technique. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to look put together. For me, investing a little time in the way I look is vital for feeling good about myself. So a quick drugstore eyeshadow look is key!

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Drugstore eyeshadow palette recommendations

Ya know how sometimes things are too good to be true? Well that is not the case with Wet N Wild eyeshadows! They’re cheap – like, dirt cheap – and perform so well.

You can find these palettes at Target, Walmart, and Ulta. The prices vary at these different retailers, but you should be looking at around $5. These are generally the exact palettes you’ll find, but most retailers do have more options online.

You can find more drugstore eyeshadow palette recommendations here!

Easy eyeshadow look


You’ll only need 2-3 brushes to complete this easy eyeshadow look.

First brush you’re going to want is a fluffy blush for blending. Then you’ll want a more precise brush, such as a pencil brush or an angled brush. Lastly, you’ll want a brush that’s more flat, shaped like a paddle, for packing color onto your lid. However, you could also just use your finger!

Easy eyeshadow steps

The look

For my more visual learners, scroll down for my video demo!

In the video I’m not using a Wet N Wild palette, because I don’t own them and I already own plenty of similar shades so there’s no reason for me to buy them. Instead, I’m using a Mary Kay eyeshadow palette that I created a few years ago.

Eyeshadow palette used to create an easy eyeshadow look

First, you’re going to want to dip your fluffy brush into your transition shade. The Wet N Wild palettes make this super easy for you because they identify your transition shade. However, if you’re using something else, your transition shade is the lightest, matte shade in the palette that isn’t a creamy, close-to-white shade.

Tip: if it looks like there’s too much powder on your brush, lightly tap it onto the edge of your palette. That will knock off excess the powder.

Now swipe your fluffy brush across your crease, blending the transition shade into your eyelid. Use windshield wiper motions to deposit the color evenly across your lid, and then small circular motions to further blend. Build this transition up to your desired intensity.

Next, take your flat brush and dip it into your lid shade. This shade can either be matte or shimmer, and is typically the lightest shade in the palette. In the video I dipped into one of my favorite highlighting shades to use as eyeshadow. Swipe that shade across your mobile lid. If you want more impact, especially with a shimmer shade, use your finger to pack it onto your lid.

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Take a few seconds to examine your look now. Are the crease and lid shade blended well together? Are they at your desired intensity? If there’s anything you’d like to fix or perfect, do that now.

Lastly, take an angled brush and dip it into a deeper matte shade. Knock off any excess powder. Then stamp the brush across your lash line. I prefer a stamping motion over a sweeping motion for this because sweeping can cause fall out onto your cheeks. This creates a soft eyeliner look. It still defines your eyes but isn’t too harsh.

Easy eyeshadow tutorial

Add mascara and you’re done!

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