Best Gifts for Moms: 5 Things to Make Her Life Easier

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Let’s just keep it real here – being a mom is a really tough gig. Like, really tough. And if there’s anything to make it easier or more convenient… I want it. Over my 4 years of being a mom, I’ve discovered a couple products that make my life easier. And I just thought I would share them with all you lovely moms out there. So whether you’re a mom yourself looking to make your life easier or you’re looking for the best best gifts for moms, here are some practical items moms will get use out of everyday.

Let’s just keep it real here – being a mom is a tough gig. Like, really tough. And if there’s anything to make it easier or more convenient… I want it. Here’s a list of 5 items that make great gifts for moms! Click To Tweet

5 best gifts for moms

1) A comfy pair of shoes.

For real, mama, if you’re gonna be doing chores around the house then you need to get yourself a comfy pair of shoes! Especially if you have a lot of hard floors. Save your back and get the comfy shoes.

My comfy shoes are currently a pair of rubber slide-ons from Walmart that legit cost me like $5. They aren’t cute – I’ll just be honest – but they’re insanely comfy, especially when I wear them with socks.

I wear them when I’m standing in front of the sink to do dishes, when I’m vacuuming, when I go on a neighborhood walk, I even wear them to run errands.

2) Some type of planner or task organizer.
A woman's hand holding a pen and writing notes in her planner.

As a mom we juggle so many different roles. Save yourself the pressure of remembering everything and get yourself a planner to write it all down.

My brain operates so much better when I don’t constantly feel like I’m forgetting something. This is perhaps one of the best gifts for moms, because the peace of mind that accompanies it is priceless.

Erin Condren is a really popular planner. So is the Happy Planner. I absolutely love my Passion Planner Daily. Or you could get into bullet journaling to create your ultimate planner.

Heck, even just a plain notebook to write down a daily to-do list would do!

3) Smart home products.

I’ve posted before about how I absolutely love my Google devices, but you can get whichever devices you like best. Just get some type of automated assistant.

I use ours several times a day and I love that it’s all hands-free. Definitely at the top of the “best gifts for moms” list!

I find our Google home hub especially useful in the kitchen when I run out of a food and I just ask Google to add it to our shopping list right then and there. No need to stop what I’m doing, wash my hands, and write it down on a list.

These last two Amazon links are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission, at no cost to you, should you purchase through them.

4) A laundry sorter.

Trust me when I say that all moms need one of these! It helps keep your laundry piles organized and it holds so much laundry! And the bags come off the rack easily so you can dump all the clothes into the machine.

We’ve had ours for several months now and it has held up great!

5) Mesh pouches for bag/purse organization.

As a mom, especially if you have small children, the likelihood that your bag or purse is equipped for every possible scenario is very high. It probably takes you at least 12 minutes to locate anything inside that dang bag.

That’s why I love using mesh pouches to organize my bags! Keeps everything organized and you can see through the mesh to easily view the contents of each bag.

I like to keep one bag for my personal items, such as chapstick, touch-up powder, and ibuprofen, and use the rest for various kid things. These make the best gifts for moms with toddlers who love to bring their own items along.

When I sat down about the things I use in my daily life that reallllyyy make my life easier, more simplified, these are the items that came to mind. Each of these products get used daily around here! And if you’re thinking “I won’t get much use out of that” just take a leap of faith and trust me! You’ll soon be thinking “how did I survive without this??”

If you found this post helpful or informative, share with a mom to help make her life easier!

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