Holiday Stress Tips for Moms

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It goes without saying that the holidays can be extra stressful for moms. Chaotic schedules, messed up routines for kids, missed naps, financial stress, the pressure to find, purchase, and wrap gifts for everyone, hosting and all the cleaning that goes along with that, decorating, coordinating events with family. Literally, the list of holiday stresses can go on and on. And I personally think it’s so sad that such a magical time for our families results in such stress for the moms. All that behind the scenes work can really get to us! I want to help you have a hollier, jollier Christmas season. So here are 5 holiday stress tips for mom.

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5 Holiday Stress Tips for Mons

Tip #1: Release yourself from the expectations of others.

Extended families (both your own and in-laws) especially can place a lot of expectations on you during the holidays. Where to be. When to be there. How to dress. What food to bring. So learn to say “no” when they try to place expectations on you. It is impossible to please everyone anyways. I’m not advocating for just not showing up to an event or stiffing someone on a side dish – but if you’re already swamped with other events just let them know.

Be prepared though! Not all extended families are reasonable. Sometimes they understand and just want you to enjoy the holidays too, but other times you may get some push back. That’s okay. Like I said, it’s not your responsibility to please everyone. Their reaction is their own responsibility.

Tip #2: Delegate tasks to your husbands.

Have an open and honest dialog with your husband about your holiday stress. Discuss which tasks you want to keep and which you’d like some more help with. Be sure to keep any tasks you’re particular about! If you’re extremely particular about gift wrapping, for example, don’t delegate that task to your husband. That will most likely just result in more stress…and possibly an argument.

Tip #3: Decorate less.

I see so many moms who are stressed to the gills because decorating takes so much time. As mentioned in my previous tip, this is possibly a task you could ask for some help with. But also, have you considered decorating less? Christmas decor is so cute – I get it – but is it cute enough to justify the stress of setting it all up and then taking it down?

I’m not saying to go full Scrooge and not decorate. Just do less.

Tip #4: Don’t procrastinate.

Whatever it is you have to do, don’t leave it until the last possible second. Whether that be finding a dress for a holiday party, wrapping gifts, making a costume for the church Christmas program, buying a gift for the secret Santa at work. Having to rush because I procrastinated just adds to my stress levels.

This includes buying gifts for your kids! I see so many moms who hem and haw over what to get their kids. They stress themselves out by reading a billion and two reviews on anything before they make a purchase. Just buy the dang gift!

Tip #5: Set a budget and stick to it.

Last on our list of holiday stress tips is to determine a budget and stick to it! Financial stress during the holidays can be so real! Don’t get wrapped up in the hyperconsumerism of the holidays – get real about what’s feasible for your family and don’t waver from it. There are lots of gifts out there for all price points! A holiday is not worth going into debt over. If you’re looking for affordable gift ideas for an infant or a toddler, you may find a couple ideas on my gift guide!

And with that final tip, I’m curious what your tips are for managing holiday stress? Other than, ya know, binge eating all of Santa’s cookies 😉

If you found this helpful, send it to another stressed out mama!

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