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Now that I’ve gotten a couple posts for gift ideas for kids out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff! Let’s take a peek at some fun makeup gift ideas for Christmas. Brands really like to take advantage of this holiday season and flood the market with gift sets and other holiday-themed products. But what’s actually worth it? What’s actually good? Are there products you shouldn’t be buying? Find out in this makeup gift ideas guide for Christmas!

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What NOT to buy

So let’s take a second and talk about some things you shouldn’t buy as gifts. Never ever buy someone something like a foundation. You’re pretty much guaranteed to pick the wrong shade and if they end up falling in love with it it could be heart break if they’re unable to repurchase for whatever reason once it’s gone. This is why brands don’t release foundations for the holidays. I hold this same opinion for concealer and mascara as well. Brands do release mini mascara and concealer sets though. Foundations, concealers, and mascara all have quick use-up rates. I personally would avoid these as gifts.

A quick reminder: before doing any holiday shopping online this season, make sure to use your Rakuten (formerly Ebates) account for all purchases! This nifty little program rewards you a certain percentage of your purchase back! If you aren’t already a member with Rakuten, you can join using my referal link!

Makeup Gift Ideas


A little outside the realm of makeup gift ideas are beauty tools. They are a great option for gifts! It’s a one-time purchase that will serve its purpose well past the life of a product. There are a few things to consider when it comes to buying tools though, such as if it’s a legitimately practical gift for whomever you’re buying it for. Will they actually get use from it or use it?

This Shiseido lash curler is perfect for most of the makeup lovers in your life. Most people who wear makeup curl their lashes but won’t splurge on a tool like this. At $22 this isn’t too expensive – just not an item most people want to invest in.

If your friend is into skincare, then this crystal roller would be a great addition to their tool kit! Using one of these just feels fancy, ya know what I mean? The cooling sensation is so refreshing and I truly feel it works the product in better. Plus, there are lots of benefits to facial massage!

If your friend is a little more adventurous with her eyeshadow looks, then this switching pan will become her best friend. This is brilliant because the black sponge can be used for powder shadows and the white sponge in the center can be dampened for cream/liquid shadows. And for $9 that’s a steal! This one is going on my list for sure.

This Solo Mio is another great tool for the skincare junkie in your life! It’s a fraction of the cost of the very similar Foreos and works amazing! It helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin as well as provide more facial massage benefits. For real – this thing is a steal at $37!

Okay, so this last one is the most practical and the most boring, but I seriously love these reusable cotton rounds! If someone wears makeup, there’s a 99% chance they also use disposable cotton rounds to remove their eye makeup and potentially one to apply toner as well. Disposable cotton rounds are expensive, bad for the environment, and can leave fibers in your eye lashes. These reusable cotton rounds from Amazon are AMAZING! I recommend getting two packs.

Eyeshadow Palettes

Eyeshadow palettes are a huge part of holiday collections! They’re fun, aren’t used up quickly, and you can really take into consideration the person you’re shopping for. What colors do they like? Do they already have a palette similar to this? Will this compliment their eye color? Will this add value to their collection?

Every Christmas you can count on Too Faced to release an adorable holiday themed palette! This year they released two: the Gingerbread palette and the Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette. Both feature a decent array of colors. The Gingerbread palette leans more pinky/plumy and the Extra Spicy palette is more neutral. And of course, they smell like gingerbread!

If whoever you’re buying makeup for is a little more adventurous, this palette would be perfect for them! The colors in this Mercury Retrograde palette look absolutely stunning and very unique. It’s $67, so you gotta realllllyyyy love whoever you’re giving it to!

Up next on our makeup gift ideas list are these little mini palettes by Huda Beauty! These are from her Obsessions line and each palette is themed by color. The monochromatic color schemes are perfect and a great way to boost the color story in anyone’s collection. Huda even has some Nude Obsessions eyeshadow palettes that are categorized by skin tone. While I think these palettes are a decent steal at $29 each (especially for Sephora), Colourpop also has lots of monochromatic palettes you can take a peek at for less than half the cost!

The last eyeshadow palette I recommend is the Textured Neutrals vol. 1 palette from Tati Beauty. This palette really made a statement when it was released and I’ve seen nothing but awesome reviews! And who doesn’t love glitter?! Please note that this palette is currently out of stock and you’ll place a pre-order to reserve your palette with guaranteed shipping on December 15th.

Other Eye Goodies

As I said earlier, you wanna veer away from things like mascara and even eye liner when it comes to makeup gift ideas. People can be so picky with those things. Plus, wouldn’t you feel bad if you made your BFF fall in love with a $30 mascara they can’t afford to repurchase? But there are other fun eye goodies on the market!

These scattered light glitter eyeshadows from Hourglass are literally stunning! They’re perfect for adding some glitter to your look without the fuss. This set costs $46, but you can also separate them and give them to three different people. Wrap them in some cellophane like little candies and they would be such adorable gifts!

If you want something with a similar vibe to the Scattered Light shadows but have a tighter budget, the super shock shadows from Colourpop are out of this world! Ulta has 37 colors available on their website, as well as limited colors in store (hello points!), but Colourpop has what seems like hundreds on their own website. Literally every color you could think of and then some! And these ring in at $6. Again, wrap them like candies for the cutest gift!

The last fun eye product on our makeup gift ideas list is a jelly much eyeshadow by Colourpop. These little babies are a weird jelly-like texture that give a beautiful effect on the eyes, as you can see! If your friend isn’t into iridescent blurple eyeshadow, don’t fret – they offer much more wearable shades too!

Complexion Products

Woo wee – this makeup gift ideas list is getting looonnnggg! Are you still with me?! I told you this thing would be jam-packed with ideas for makeup lovers! We’re almost there!

Next up on my list is complexion products, such as blushes, bronzers, highlights. These products generally take longer to use up, just like eyeshadows, so I find them to be a wonderful gift.

First up is the 9 Ways to Shine set from Tarte. It features 3 separate stacks and each stack is geared toward a specific skin tone. Again, friggin perfect for separating and gifting to different people! This is a great deal for $35.

You honestly can’t go wrong with complexion palettes from Benefit! Their powders are amazing and these palettes offer such a great value! At Ulta you can pick up the mini cheek palette for $35. At Sephora you can pick between the pink and bronze Cheekleaders palettes. I personally own the Blush Bar palette but it appears it’s only available on Benefit’s website now.

Coming in at under $10, these Milani baked blushes make great gifts too! I own three and absolutely love them! What more can I say?! I personally love Rose D’oro and Luminoso!


Soooo I know that lots of brands release fun lip kits during the holidays but hear me out. If your friend/sister/mom/coworker is into lipstick, she’s probably verrryyy specific about the shade. So she’s either tried a million trying to find the perfect one and doesn’t need another or she’s found her perfect shade and still doesn’t need another. My advice is to not purchase a lipstick for someone as a gift. Unless you’re super, super comfortable with that person and are fairly familiar with their collection.

But if you’re just absolutely dying to gift someone a lip product, I highly recommend the lip sleeping mask from Laneige. This kit is a fun way to try their different flavors/scents, but you can also pick them up individually. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this lip balm! It’s moisturizing, stays on the lips well, smooths out the lips of any fine lines, and provides a pretty shine. I definitely wear this during the day too! This brand also has a Lip Glowy Balm if that interests you. Or how about both?!

Another great split-up-and-gift-individually set is the Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse mini gloss bomb set. At $42 this makes each mini gloss just over $8 each. Broken record time: wrap like a little candy and throw it in a stocking! I absolutely love this lip gloss formula and it smells like the old school Smackers chapstick from my childhood!

…am I done? Has this insanely long makeup gift ideas post come to an end?! I hope you were able to find some gift inspiration from this post! I tried very hard to include gift ideas for all budgets. If you would like any other ideas or have a specific friend in mind you’d like a recommendation for, please feel free to reach out to me!

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