Infant and Toddler Christmas Toys List 2019

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One of my favorite hobbies is spending money. Ask my husband! I love to spend money on anything for anyone. And being a stay-at-home-mom comes with some budget restrictions, so I don’t get to do a lot of shopping through out the year. So the holidays are my favorite time of the year! Family time, delicious food, recalling the Lord’s birth are all well and good – but I get to spend money! I get literal stars in my eyes during this time of year. So I thought it would be fun to share some infant and toddler Christmas toys ideas for you too!

Infant and toddler Christmas toys

What types of toys are the best?

So I prefer what are known as “open-ended” toys for my kids. They’re toys that leave lots of room for imaginative play. Think blocks, kitchen sets, train sets, play food, crayons and paper, etc. Open-ended toys are typically not plastic and do not require batteries. Although we have lots of battery operated toys in our household, our kids just don’t tend to gravitate toward them. Plus, when you have small savages at home most of the day, who needs the added noise from toys?! The idea behind open-ended toys is that the less the toy does, the more the child does.

Click here to read more about open-ended toys.

So that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this post: infant and toddler Christmas toys that are open ended! And all of these will be coming from Amazon because Prime.

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