When God Works like An Ant

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Being a Christian does not mean your life is perfect! We all have struggles. Ugly, tough, faith-shaking struggles. We deal with things like unfaithful partners, friends and family that disrespect our beliefs, bosses pushing us to do things we aren’t comfortable with, infertility, financial instability, raising kids, maintaining friendships through hard seasons of life, loving our spouses, losing a loved one, sickness. And I think most of us would be lying if we said we didn’t question God in all of it.

God, why is this happening to me? Why are you allowing this? How am I supposed to bring You glory when I feel so low and alone? How can I serve my church, friends, community when I feel so empty? How can I love my kids like they need when I feel so irritable? How am I supposed to give if there’s never enough money? When will it get better? Where are You?”

These thoughts are normal. And if you discuss them with a fellow Christian, they will tell you to “have faith”. But what does that even mean?! In the midst of your suffering, pain, and sorrow, what exactly are you to have faith in?!

You have faith that God doesn’t waste anything.

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You have faith that you’re going to look back one day – maybe from heaven – and know the exact point of your suffering. Suffering is never without purpose – it always grows you in some way that will later serve Him and His purpose.

For me personally, when I’m suffering, I expect God to show up in big ways. I want miracles! I want thunderous works in my life!

But sometimes God works like an ant.

He works quietly and faithfully, in small ways that are sometimes undetectable until we look back and see the entire picture. God works continuously and diligently in your life, constantly pruning you and growing you. He tirelessly works to remove sin and unrighteousness from your life to make room for holiness and love for others.

Bible verses to encourage you

So I just want to encourage you in the seasons of your life when God is working like an ant. Here are some Bible verses for that.

When I’m feeling anxious in a season of life, I like to take deep breaths as I focus on these verses. These verses are Truth – my anxiety is not. It is my prayer that these passages can help you too!

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