Curating An Eyeshadow Palette Collection: 5 Ways to Critically Examine Palettes

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When it comes to makeup purchases, I’d say that eyeshadow palettes are probably one of the biggest blackholes for people. Eyeshadow palettes are fun and exciting, and, because of smart marketing, we start to imagine all of the fun looks we could create with them! But in reality, it’s just more money wasted on makeup that’s just collecting dust. In this post I’m going to teach you about how I critically examine eyeshadow palettes and decide on if I’ll be purchasing them. Here are 5 easy tips on curating your eyeshadow palette collection.

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As usual, credit where credit is due! My beauty budget series is inspired by Whitney Hedrick. I recommend following her on YouTube, Instagram, and joining her Facebook group. I’m so thankful to Whitney for inspiring me to write about this, as this is something I’ve done long before my blog and just never intentionally share about it.

Curating your eyeshadow palette collection

Why should you curate your eyeshadow collection? Well, there’s a couple reasons:

  1. To get a handle on your spending. Sometimes marketing and the makeup industry really sucks us in and we find ourselves spending money on makeup we don’t use.
  2. To cut back on waste. It’s simple – when we purchase makeup we don’t use, it produces lots of waste. Not only does it waste your money, but eventually that palette ends up in a landfill.
  3. To have a well-rounded collection that is not only functional but fun. You should be not only using but enjoying the makeup you purchase with your hard earned money.

Should I buy this palette?

Here’s a few things I want you to keep in mind before deciding to purchase a palette.

  1. Firstly, keep in mind what your relationship is to makeup.
  2. Secondly, consider if you already have these colors in your collection.
  3. Thirdly, give thought to if you truly like the entire palette or just a few shades.
  4. Fourth, examine the palette for similar shades.
  5. Lastly, be honest with yourself if you’re actually going to use this palette.
Keep in mind what is your relationship with makeup

In my previous Beauty Budget post, we explored the different relationships people can have with makeup. If makeup is more function for you and you do it out of necessity, buying a bunch of eyeshadow palettes probably isn’t the best use of your money.

Consider if you already have these colors in your collection

As fun as makeup is, I can recognize that there’s not a whole lot of unexplored territory left. Basically, it’s all already been done. Very rarely is an eyeshadow palette revolutionary anymore, even in color and finish/texture.

So when you’re looking at potentially purchasing a palette, ask yourself if you already have these colors in your collection.

If you already have a substantial collection, the chances are that you do.

Do you like the entire palette or just a few shades?

I know it’s easy for us to zone in on some specific colors that catch our eye, but you have to look at the palette as a whole. The entire palette is meant to be a color story.

Plus, sometimes those colors that catch our eye can distract us from the fact that we already have the majority of the palette in our existing collection.

Whitney refers to these as “pointless pops”. Basically strategically placed pops of color to distract us from the fact that the rest of the palette is extremely basic.

To help yourself see past the pops of color, simply block them out to see the palette for what it really is, like illustrated below.

I meannnnn – how many palettes out there are filled with warm browns, some oranges, and some wine tones? Chances are that you already have a palette with similar colors.

Examine the palette for similar shades.

The way a shadow looks in the pan or opaquely swatched on your arm can be very different from how it’ll look once blended out with a brush on your eyelid.

We don’t apply eyeshadows with full saturation, so it’s safe to assume that colors that look pretty similar in the palette will only look identical once applied to your eyelid and blended out.

I had a similar suspicion about the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette – that many of the matte shades were similar and would look identical once blended out.

My suspicions were confirmed when I watched Allie Gline’s video on it and she had used nearly every shade from the palette (she says so at about 9:45) and it did not look like 12 shades on her eyes. I could easily achieve a similar look using 1-2 shades and just different eyeshadow brushes.

Is the look pretty? Yes. Does it look like she used 12 different shades on her eyes? Absotutely not.
Be honest with yourself with whether or not you’re actually going to use this palette.

The final tip for curating your eyeshadow palette collection is for everyone, no matter your relationship with makeup.

Whether you only wear makeup to work or if you love to do makeup and consider it a hobby. You need to be doing your makeup for who you are and how you want to do it – not who you think you should be or how you think you should do your makeup.

So while you really love the color blue, are you actually going to use a blue eyeshadow palette often enough to justify the cost? Your favorite beauty guru on YouTube may look amazing in blue too, but are you actually going to use a blue eyeshadow palette?

Stop wasting money on makeup you think you should buy for whatever reason.

With these 5 tips, I’ve managed to create a collection of eyeshadow palettes that I truly enjoy. I have a well-rounded library of both neutrals and colors because I will actually get use out of both.

Whenever I come across a look that inspires me on Instagram, I’m usually able to recreate it with the palettes I already have in my collection.

Curating my eyeshadow palette collection means that I never dread using a palette that I own either. I’m never just using a palette for the sake of using it – I’m using it because I actually like. This makes my experience of getting ready every morning much more enjoyable.

Is curating your eyeshadow palette collection something you’re interested in?

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  1. Teresa

    Great tips! I love makeup but don’t love taking the time to apply it so I go very simple with my eye shadows. But there are so many beautiful colors it makes it difficult to choose. I would also love to know what you think about what color eye shadows go with different color eyes best (I have blue) and what types of shadows women that are no longer “a youthful age” should wear.

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