Devotions for Moms: how to study your Bible with friends during quarantine

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At this season in my life, especially during quarantine, one of the things I’m most hungry for is community. Being a mom to small children can be very isolating. It’s hard taking two kids along anywhere. And even if you do manage to have a playdate with a friend, you’re usually too busy wrangling your kids or you can’t discuss anything because little ears are always listening. And if you listen to moms and families, raising kids is harder than previous generations for various reasons. Moms are feeling more burnt out and overwhelmed than ever before. We crave solidarity, community, and just plain, ol’ friendship. Here’s how I’m working on building those things with devotions for women. It’s easy, convenient, and uses an app you probably already have downloaded on your phone!

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Devotions for Moms

If you’re a Christian, then there’s a 99.9% chance you already have the YouVersion Bible app downloaded onto your phone. You probably already know that YouVersion also offers about a million different devotions within their app. Devotions on marriage, depression, anxiety, prayer, worship, motherhood, friendship, money, the Holy Trinity – you get the idea!

But did you know that you can now do devotions with your friends??? I was so excited when I noticed this feature because it will make devotions for moms so much easier!

When you select that you want to start a plan, the app should prompt you if you want to do it by yourself or with friends. Just select “with friends” and then send the invitations out to your friends (they must also be YouVersion users).

It funnels you all into the same plan and gives you a “talk about it” section within the plan. After reading the devotion and accompanying Bible passages, you have the option to leave a comment about your takeaway from the devotion for your friends to see.

Here’s three reasons why you should do devotions for moms.

1. Keeps you in the Word.

God commands us to stay in the Word daily. I know so many moms – including me – struggle with this. But having a group and doing it with them gives you accountability to stay reading the Bible everyday.

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2. Helps you build friendships.

It’s hard to make/keep friends as a mom. Our lives are insanely busy and hectic. Sometimes we have a hard time showering and eating, let alone scheduling regular time with friends. Using the YouVersion devotions makes it easy and flexible.

And the Talk About It section means you get to connect with your friends over this devotion. You’ll be leaving comments about your life, struggles, victories, concerns, etc.

3. Satisfies that hunger for community.

It is very natural to desire community. In fact, the Bible commands it. In Hebrews 10 the author encourages us not to neglect meeting together. Galatians 6:2 tells us to bear one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ. God designed us to be in community with one another. In fact, here’s an entire article dedicated to that very idea!

Sometimes meeting in person consistently is just too difficult, especially if you don’t all live close or if multiple families have small kids. So having a way to build that community with fellow Christians is so important!

If you want, search for me “Kalyn Foggy” on YouVersion, add me as a friend, and I’ll totally do one with you!

This time of quarantine is extremely challenging, especially since our churches are not meeting. I don’t know about you, but that has left me feeling even more isolated. But that does not mean we can’t have meaningful, edifying, and encouraging interactions with our fellow Christians. Using this app makes it so easy!

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