Transform Your Matte Foundation

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Matte foundations are a thing of beauty, right? They’re (usually) full coverage and provide stay-all-day wear. And they’re a must-have for us oily girls. However, sometimes the super matte, a little flat look isn’t always so flattering. Healthy skin isn’t perfectly matte. So how can we transform the finish while still maintaining the integrity of the foundation? Keep reading to learn how to transform your matte foundation!

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The beauty of matte foundations…

Matte foundations are a necessity to some of us… ummm… oilier women. It helps to control our oils so we aren’t a greasy mess by the end of the day while not slip-sliding off our faces. Plus, they usually provide more coverage and stay all day long.

The problem with matte foundations…

The only thing about matte foundations is that healthy skin isn’t naturally matte. Healthy skin has some glow and liveliness to it. So the question becomes,

“How can we add some glow to our matte foundation without compromising the integrity of the foundation?”

Don’t worry – I’ve got you!

Transform your matte foundation

Transforming your matte foundation takes one drop from one product.

Mix a single drop of jojoba oil into your foundation and watch the magic happen! It helps to bring some liveliness back to your complexion while still maintaining the integrity of your long-wearing, oil-controlling foundation. Like I said: magic.

Jojoba oil is amazing for all skin types because it is most similar to our skin’s natural oil, sebum. That makes it extra amazing for oily complexions because it does great things for your skin while your skin also receives the message to produce less sebum. In fact, I’ve written about this product before because it has immensely helped even out my oil production!

So a drop of this oil not only beautifully transforms your matte foundation, it also helps your skin along the way!

And the amazing value of this brand is…well…amazing! Under $14 for 4 fl oz of product?! And it’s on Amazon Prime?! I think that means God really wants you to buy this product!

And that’s my easy, peasy super affordable way to transform your matte foundation without making it too greasy or affecting the longevity!

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