Going Green: Replacing Disposable Products with Reusable Ones

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My husband and I have taken on a new venture of going green! Okay – that sounds super cheesy; nevertheless, we’re super excited to be doing our part to conserve our planet. Furthermore, we’re looking forward to saving money in the long run. Here’s a run down of all the items we purchased in our venture!

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Cotton rounds

As a makeup junkie, I go through a lot of cotton rounds! I use a total of four each day – two to remove my eye makeup and two to apply my toner, one for morning and night. I didn’t even know reusables were an option, but I’m so glad it is! I purchased two of these so I’ll have plenty to use each week.

Food storage bags

We use a shameful amount of plastic baggies in this house. Between packing Derek’s and Clementine’s lunch and just storing half eaten snacks, we use about a handful per day. I know, I know – so bad! But we just purchased some silicone food storage bags and I’m so excited to incorporate these. Not only are they better for the environment, but baggies can be so expensive!

Wet dry bag

I got this bag for when we go swimming. Normally we cram all of our wet suits and towels into grocery bags. I’m excited to have something reusable, sturdy, and large to hold all of our swimming gear.

Grocery and produce bags

I’m probably most excited for these, as so much plastic is wasted from grocery shopping. These grocery bags are enormous too, much larger than I anticipated. The produce bags come in three different sizes, two of each, and we are anticipating possibly having to buy more. We like our fresh produce!

Lunch box

Lastly, we purchased this lunch box for my husband. He’s been taking his lunch to work for the entirety of his career, and he’s always just taken it in grocery bags. At 28 years old, it’s about time he grew up 😉 We picked this one because it’s insulated, a decent size without being too big, and has a buckle so he can clip it to this backpack.

To see these items in action, check out my IGTV channel!

What are some disposable items you’ve replaced with reusable ones? We’ve already made the switch to metal straws too!

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