7 Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks

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Wearing makeup during the summer can be tricky at best and disastrous at worst. Nothing feels worse than makeup melting from your complexion! And I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so that can quite literally happen fairly easily.

For summer, I like to keep it light, fresh, glowy, and quick! Here are some tricks and hacks I like to use for summer to keep my makeup looking good.

1. Skip complexion products if you’re going to be swimming.

Yupp, I said it! I know that there are waterproof products on the market, but I fully believe in skipping it all together if you’re going to be swimming. Splashing is a totally normal part of swimming, especially if you’re a mom and your kids insist on horseplaying right next to you despite there being an entire pool for them to play in. I’d rather not have to worry about being splashed and something getting messed up or smearing.

If you want to, brows, waterproof mascara, and liquid/cream highlight are totally acceptable! Forget the rest and enjoy yourself!

2. Switch to waterproof mascara.

Even if you aren’t swimming, mascara runs easily during summer time due to sweat and excess oils. Switching to waterproof will save you from that dreaded mascara smear!

3. Go lighter for your foundation.

And by lighter I mean in terms of how it feels, not the shade. Wearing a thick and heavy foundation while it’s sweltering outside just feels… blah. Avoid that feeling by opting for a BB or CC cream. If you don’t want to spend the money, mix your foundation 50/50 with your moisturizer! It’ll still give you some coverage but feel significantly lighter.

Pro tip: if you’re an oily girl and your BB or CC cream gets too greasy on you, mix in a bit of a mattifying foundation to help control your oils.

4. Use less powders.

I want to be a glowy goddess during summer, so the less powders the better! Powders mattify and can make makeup look heavier. Eliminating powders keeps your look fresh and dewy.

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5. Use a good setting spray.

Setting sprays not only help the longevity of your makeup, but they can alter the finish as well. If you need powders to avoid creasing, a good setting spray can help take some of that powdery look away while helping to lock in your makeup so you don’t sweat it off. Plus, setting sprays feel super refreshing!

I’m currently loving the Wet N Wild setting sprays! I love the Brightening one for adding a beautiful glow (mainly during winter) and the Longwear one for less glow but more lasting power.

Unless your skin is super dry, I would personally avoid more luminous setting sprays. The added glow can be a bit too much during summers when you’re already sweating more.

Pro tip: Get a facial spray that is more skincare based, like one from Mario Badescu, and keep it in the fridge for a chilled, refreshing spritz through out the day!

6. Opt for liquid or cream products.

Just because you’re not using powders, doesn’t mean you need to go naked! You can opt for liquid/cream blushes, bronzers, and/or highlighters. I usually go for some combination of powder and liquid products, as all liquids is just too emollient for my oily skin. I’ll usually do a liquid highlight with a powder blush or bronzer.

There’s lots of beautiful liquid highlighters on the market these days! I personally love the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Liquid Highlighters. And you can’t go wrong with a Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca!

7. Highlight your brow bone.

Seriously, I feel like this step in makeup is so underrated! Highlighting your brow bone with a shimmering highlight just makes your skin look so… juicy and healthy! I am obsessed with the effect!

And that’s it ladies! I hope these tips and tricks can keep you fresh and fabulous all summer long!

What are some of your tricks and tips for summertime glam?

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