3 Rules to Make Facebook Mom Groups a Better Place

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Social media has become such a huge thing for moms. It allows us to connect with moms all over the world, build a new community (here’s a great article from HuffPost on the importance of community!), and learn new things. Facebook mom groups can be a great source of entertainment and encouragement, as well as an important resource for mamas.

However, I’ve noticed some… problems within Facebook mom groups. They aren’t always all flowers and rainbows. Sometimes they can be down right mean and nasty. And that’s just not what I want for moms. This mom gig is tough enough as is – why do we need to make it harder for one another?!

Here’s 3 rules that you can follow to help make Facebook mom groups more peaceful.

1. Answer the question she’s asking.

Lots of moms come to Facebook mom groups for help, answers, and insight. However, I find that lots of moms lack self-control and are unable to simply answer the question the mother is asking.

For example, “My daughter struggles after getting her shots. She gets super fussy and runs a mild fever for a day afterward. What can I do to help console her?” And that mom will get approximately 698 comments about how she shouldn’t vaccinate her kid. Is that the question she asked? No.

Before taking the time to respond to a post, I always ask myself, “Am I answering her question?”. That either allows me to offer the best help to that mama or to not respond at all because I actually don’t have any helpful input for her. It’s saved me a lot of time!

2. Don’t beat a dead horse.

Sometimes mamas are asking for input on whether or not to do something. Or maybe they’re ranting about a situation. Either way, if you hop on a post and notice that all the mamas are commenting the same thing, there’s no need to gang up on her even further. I’m sure she’s gotten the point!

Some examples of this are:

  • Should I feed my baby rice cereal?
  • Should I sleep train?
  • Should I switch my 2 year old to forward facing?
  • Should I pierce my daughter’s ears?

People are quick to (sometimes rather rudely) express their opinions. So if it looks like a mama is being ganged up on, just keep scrolling.

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3. Stop passive aggressively using emojis.

I love emojis! They’re fun and can often help to communicate tone in an otherwise toneless space. Something that could have potentially come off as rude is instantly transformed with the use of a few emojis. It’s magic for someone like me, who often can come off as harsh or blunt. Heart emojis to the rescue!

That being said, passive aggressive use of emojis is just unnecessary. If you don’t have anything nice to emoji, then don’t emoji at all. Plain and simple.

I love Facebook mom groups. I love them so much I wrote a post all about what groups helped me survive. I want groups to be a place where mothers can seek comfort, encouragement, and help. I think these 3 rules can greatly help achieve that.

What are you favorite mom groups?

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