Colorful Eyeshadow Look: 3 easy ways to add color

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I think one of the most compliments I get about my makeup is the fact that I’m confident enough to wear a colorful eyeshadow look. I always get comments about how people love it, but feel too intimidated to do it themselves. I thought I should fix that for you!

Here’s 3 different ways you can easily add color into your eyeshadow looks! Easily being the key word – I know that most women don’t want to make it complicated. So these are simple techniques that you can easily do yourself!

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Anyone can wear a colorful eyeshadow look!

The most important thing I want you to learn from this post is that anyone can wear a colorful eyeshadow look if they want to!

I don’t care if you’re a million years old and want to wear unicorn sparkle eyeshadow. Makeup is about expressing yourself!

That being said, if wearing more colorful eyeshadow is new to you, it may take sometime for you to get used to. Even though these looks are more subtle, any change to our appearances often take time for us to get acclimated.

Remember: nothing good happens in our comfort zone!

1. A colorful inner corner highlight

This is a great one if you don’t want to fuss or wear a ton of other eyeshadows. The trick with this one is that you can’t use a shade that is too deep in tone. You want your inner corner to remain bright and open – adding a deeper shade would counteract that. So think yellows, icy blues, lavenders, etc.

Extra tip: if you want it to be extra reflective, add a smidge of Flexitarian by Colourpop over the top. Just enough to make it *pop*.

2. Colorful eyeliner

This one is great for either with or without other shadows. Depending on what color you want to use, it could pair beautifully with the rest of your eyeshadows.

I take my Morphe Brushes M213 Smudger brush, dip it in my eyeshadow of choice, and smudge it along my lash line. I basically fudge some eyeliner. Seriously, this brush is $3 and worth every penny! I wish I had 4 more!

3. Blended all over the lid and into the crease

This one, yet again, only takes one shadow! The trick for this technique is to use different brushes. The density of the brushes alters the affect of the eyeshadow. Use a flatter, more densely packed brush to apply it to your lid and a fluffier, larger brush to blend it into your crease.

You wanna be sure to use a matte shade if you’re going to be blending into and above your crease. Shimmery shades in and above your crease can highlight texture in an unflattering way.

If you want to use a shimmery shade, then I would keep the shade concentrated on your lid. Use a small brush to blend the edges into your crease a bit, just so there isn’t a harsh line, but that’s it!

And that’s it, guys! Bing, bang, boom – super simple, like I promised!

Which colorful eyeshadow look are you going to create first?!

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How do you like to incorporate color into your makeup looks?

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