Simplifying Motherhood: Pt. 2 – Google Assistant

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My husband and I really debated over what to ask for from our families this Christmas. Ya know, the older you get, the less viable gift options you have. What do we want for Christmas? Hmmm, we really want a new backyard or our student loans to be paid off or financial security or for our toddler to eat dinner well. Things that people can’t really gift you.

After much deliberation, we landed on some Google home products. We did a bit more research, got even more excited, and then settled on specific items. We asked for two Google Home Minis, a Google Home Hub, and a Google Chromecast.

We’ve now had all of these products in our house for about two weeks now and we absolutely LOVE them. We have the Hub set up in our kitchen, a Mini in our front room, a Mini in our bedroom, and the Chromecast on our front room TV.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google home products, they’re essentially little devices that come equipped with Google Assistant to automate your home. The Hub features a 7 inch touch screen display, while the Minis are small, round speakers. The Chromecast is a device for your television that is controlled by any Google home products.

All these products are seamlessly integrated through the Google Home app on your phone. Setting them up through the app is so easy too!

To wake up these devices, you simply use the phrase “Hey, Google” or “Okay, Google”. That alerts the device and you can follow your wake up command with a request.

Here’s some ways I’ve simplified motherhood with these fancy devices:

  • Whenever we run out of a food or household item, I tell Google to add it to my shopping list. I can view my shopping list on the Hub or in my Google Home app.
  • I love playing music through out the house with a voice command.
  • With the Chromecast, I can turn on the TV with a simple request, including launching a specific show from Netflix. I also love that I can pause, rewind by a specific increment (such as 10 seconds), or start an episode over, all by the sound of my voice.
  • I use the Mini in our bedroom to play soothing ocean sounds at night. White noise has been a must this pregnancy, and before I was using our small diffuser, which I usually had to refill somewhere between 2-3am.
  • I love being able to get the weather forecast for the day, tomorrow, and weekend by asking. And the forecast is quite comprehensive, giving you the current temp, highs, lows, and if it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, etc.
  • I recently signed up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and had Google add a reminder to cancel in two weeks.
  • I love asking Google all the random ponderings and thoughts that cross my mind. It makes looking things up so easy!
  • I easily use Google to set timers for various things at least twice a day.

And you can get much fancier with Google than we have! You can get smart door bells that will stream the video feed right to your Hub. And smart thermostats that can be controlled by your Assistant too. There’s smart plugs to be able to control appliances, such as a coffee pot, and smart light bulbs so you can voice command your lights on and off.

You can even establish routines with your Google that will set a sequence of things in motion that’s triggered by a simple command. For example, if you have the capabilities, you can set up your Assistant to turn on the light, give you the forecast, start your coffee pot, and remind you of your events that day, all by saying “Hey Google, good morning”.

So far the only downside I’ve discovered is that now I want Google to do stuff for me that isn’t possible.
“Hey Google, fix my toddler a snack.”
“Hey Google, fold my laundry.”
“Hey Google, go pee for me.”

But I won’t fault Google for that. 😉

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