5 Skincare Tips That Cost $0

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Do you know what I love? I love having great skin! You know what I don’t love? The price tag that sometimes comes along with that. I believe skincare isn’t something you should skimp out on – after all, makeup can only look as good as the canvas it is applied on. 

But still! That doesn’t mean everyone can just reach into their wallets and fork out some money. I get it! So here’s 5 skincare tips that don’t cost you a dime.

1. Cleanse your face AFTER you wash and condition your hair.

Most women I know cleanse their faces in the shower. But sometimes the run-off from your shampoo and especially your conditioner can cause break outs and other skin dilemmas.

So this quick tip is to simply switch up your routine and cleanse your face last. It’s literally the last thing I do in the shower!

2. Exfoliate less.

Yupp – this tip will actually save you money on product usage!

Exfoliating too frequently is a very common problem. People with dry skin are often trying to remove their flaking skin by exfoliating. People with oily skin are often trying to rid their face of every trace of oil by exfoliating. However, less is more in this case.

You should be exfoliating 1-3x per week. I personally exfoliate on “W days” – Wednesdays and a weekend day. 

3. Use different towels for your hands and face.

I also know a lot of women who cleanse their faces at the sink. They cleanse, rinse, and then pat dry with the same towel they wipe their hands on.

Just keep an extra towel nearby to pat dry with! It will help you to not replace any of those bacteria back on your freshly cleansed skin.

4. Use products as directed.

Did you know there are nifty directions on the back of products?? Those come in handy when you’re juggling cleansers, serums, toners, and face masks. Yupp, they all come with directions and it’s important you actually read those directions.

The directions will tell you how frequently to use a product as well as how long to leave it on (in the case of face masks). I see too many women leaving face masks on for far too long and stripping their skin, all because they didn’t read the directions. Or women who are only cleansing once a day, even though their cleanser says to use twice daily. 

5. Wash your foundation application tool more frequently.

Makeup tools, such as brushes and sponges, that are used with liquids and creams can harbor a lot of bacteria. So wash that tool more frequently!

Sponges are suuuperrr convenient because you can use them damp and don’t have to wait for them to dry!

Voila! There are my 5 skincare tips that will cost you exactly $0!

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