Unpopular Makeup Techniques and Opinions

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Last week I watched a video on YouTube by Emily on this subject and thought I would give it a go! This post is basically all about unpopular or uncommon makeup techniques and opinions. If you spend anytime in the beauty community on social media, you’ll notice that certain techniques and certain products can dominate the scene. But every woman is different! So here are my unpopular techniques and opinions – both good and bad!

1) I avoid high end complexion products.

I purposefully avoid more expensive complexion products, such as: primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, and setting spray. I’m doing beauty on a budget over here, and products with a high usage rate just break the bank. I don’t even ask for them as gifts!

I do, however, splurge on high-end face powders, such as blushes, highlights, eye shadows, etc. Those get used up so much more slowly!

2) I don’t highlight my face.

I’m sure you’ve seen one of these crazy diagrams floating around. 

It’s very common in the beauty community to highlight your facial features using a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your actual skin tone. This technique looks beautiful on some, but on me I don’t find it to make too much of a difference. If anything, I feel like it looks too heavy and cakey.

Instead, if I want a bit more coverage to cover my dark circles or something, I use a dab of concealer. Literally – *boop* – that’s all it takes for me! If I’m getting extra glam for a special even or something, I will use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter, but I still only use a small amount.

3) I apply blush more towards my hairline.

I think everyone and their mama applies blush on the apples of their cheeks. Not me! I find that makes my face look too round, and that’s not something I need help with.

So instead I apply my blush further back and blend it in with my hair line. This helps to make my cheek bones pop more.

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4) I apply my blush last.

Usually, in the world of face powders, it goes bronzer, contour, blush, and highlight last. However, I find that doing my highlight last just looks unnatural. So I do bronzer, contour, highlight, and then blush. Blending my blush in last helps my highlight to look more natural, especially since my blush brush is a bit larger.

5) I don’t carve out my brows.

Unless I’m trying to look extra sassy, I rarely carve out my brows. The only time I will is if I make a rather glaring mistake. Other than that I just can’t be bothered!

Furthermore, I keep my brows rather overgrown. I just feel that looks more natural. My brows look decent enough from an arm’s length, and if you’re closer than that to notice the imperfections then I need you to back up anyways!

6) I don’t like Benefit POREfessional.

Perhaps one of the most popular pore-filling primers is the Benefit POREfessional. I mean, it has a nearly four and a half star rating with 3,300 views for a reason. But like… I don’t know – I just didn’t understand the hype! I’m so glad I got this as a free sample!

7) I absolutely love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

I fee like people rarely talk about these, and if they do it’s negative. But I really love this formula. It comes in a ton of colors, is long-lasting, and smells like frosting. What’s not to like?! 

Some of the darker shades can be a little streaky, but it’s nothing a little patience and lip liner can’t handle.

8) I don’t really wear nude lipstick.

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t found my perfect shade, but I don’t do nude lipstick. I don’t think it looks good on me. And if my makeup for the day calls for nude lipstick, I’d rather just wear a pretty gloss.

I just much prefer colored lipstick!

9) I use the least amount of powder under my eyes as possible.

Baking your concealer is huge right now. It basically sets your makeup down to a bullet-proof mask. But my under eyes hate it. Too much powder in that area just ages me. But I do have to set that area, otherwise it is Crease City. So I get the smallest amount of powder possible on my brush, tap it off, and then set my under eyes.

10) I would rather wear blush than bronzer.

At least from what I’ve seen, if someone is going for a minimal makeup look, they use bronzer and highlight. Not this mama! I much prefer blush. And because I place my blush further back, it helps to define my cheek bones when I skip contouring too. 

And that completes my list! What unpopular makeup opinions and techniques do you have? I love to hear from real, everyday women! Comment below!

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