5 Facebook Groups That Helped Me Survive the First Year of Motherhood

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If you’re a mom and aren’t taking advantage of Facebook groups, then what are you even doing?? Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other moms and troubleshoot. And as a first time mom, Facebook groups can be a wealth of knowledge for you. The great thing about groups is that lots of different moms are in these groups, so you’ll get answers, tips, and suggestions from all types of moms.

Here’s 5 different groups that helped me survive/navigate the first year of being a mom.

1) Respectful Sleep Training/Learning

When I think of groups that made the biggest impact, Respectful Sleep Training/Learning immediately comes to mind. Sleep training, while not for everyone, was life-changing for us. Clementine was a terrible sleeper. Like, I can’t emphasize how terrible she was. Our lack of sleep was destroying our family. I’m not exaggerating.

And yes, I was one of those moms that swore up and down that I would never sleep train. I thought it would harm my baby and that it was unnatural. And then I got a baby that didn’t sleep, and I realized how important sleeping actually was.

Even if sleep training isn’t for you, it’s a great resource to learn about appropriate nap schedules based on the age of your baby.

There’s even a group for multiples!

2) The Fussy Baby Site Support Group

The next most helpful group was a group for high needs/fussy/colicky babies. 

The fact of the matter is that not all babies are the same. Adding a new baby is always difficult, but some are more difficult than others. Clementine had colic and cried unless she was nursing or sleeping (remember how I said she was a terrible sleeper?). Her constant crying made me crazy and I felt so alone and isolated. She cried for every single car ride for months and usually cried during any errands, which means I avoided leaving the house as much as possible. 

So finding a group for moms that were dealing with the same problems was so… comforting. I literally cried.

And that group led me to their website, which was a gold mine for learning all about high needs babies.

My daughter is no longer a baby or infant, so we’ve now graduated to the high needs toddler group.

3) Breastfeeding Support Group

If you plan on breastfeeding, then I highly recommending joining a breastfeeding support group on Facebook. They’re usually run by IBCLC’s or LC’s. They’re a great place to troubleshoot and share adorable nursing pictures!

I don’t have one to suggest, because the only one I ever joined is for locals only. But there’s honestly hundreds out there for you to choose from.

4) Basic Tula Mom Makeup

Now, Basic Tula Mom Makeup may not be the group for you if you don’t like makeup. However, this group represents taking care of yourself, mama. Makeup is my passion and my hobby, and after adding a new baby it’s so easy for us to push those things to the wayside. 

BTMM is a community of other moms who also love makeup. You’ll see lots of help in there, pictures of makeup looks, recommendations, etc. All the admins of the group are so great and helpful! They’ll even help you navigate sales at Ulta and Sephora 😉

But if you aren’t into makeup then I highly recommend seeking out a group of what you are into.

5) General Mom Groups

For all your other mom questions, concerns, and general ponderings, I recommend just a generic mom group. One that doesn’t have a specific niche that you can ask anything to. Some of these groups will allow questions about other things too, such as relationships or family. Others are more strict and only allow questions about mom’ing.

The one I’m apart of is a local one, so no recommendation again. But I recommend trying to find a local one for yourself too! It builds a sense of community and is more helpful when you’re looking for stuff to do in the area. Or for setting up playdates and finding friends.

Again, if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend joining the Facebook groups craze! But consider yourself warned – it’s easy to suddenly find yourself in 900+ groups!

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