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If there’s something L’Oreal does right, it’s mascara! They have so many cult favorites, including their Lash Paradise, Telescopic, and Voluminous Carbon Black – just to name a few. But when you search L’Oreal mascaras on Ulta, you get 33 results. Thirty-three different mascaras is an impressive selection! In fact, they have a lot I haven’t heard much about, including their Voluminous Million Lashes (of course, I got mine in waterproof). Keep reading to see how to use this mascara for best results!

The saying goes that your lashes will look like the wand… Well, if my lashes can look that fluffy and separated then I’m game! I gave my lashes a curl, swirled the wand in the tube to pick up plenty of product, and applied. I was… underwhelmed, to say the least. While it did a great job with separating my lashes, like I thought it might, it did nothing to thicken them up. The formula is super thin, so it basically just perfectly coats your lashes in black. If you aren’t looking for volume, then you’ll love this mascara.

But I was definitely left wanting more! I need the volume, ya know? Luckily, I had a tube of their Lash Paradise on hand. That mascara, if you haven’t tried it, is very good at volumizing. Almost too good. Dare I say clumpy? It’s really easy to go overboard with that mascara and end up with very clumpy lashes.

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But I figured the wand from the Million Lashes mascara would be great at combing out any clumps – and I was right! A coat of Lash Paradise followed by a coat of Million Lashes is a beautiful combination! You get it all: volume, length, and separation. It’s basically the Holy Trinity of mascara!

And if you use the waterproof formulas, it really helps to hold the curl all day long. I’m not kidding – the curl was still going strong after I got out of the shower once! I trusted it through a pool party on the Fourth of July even!

What are some of your favorite mascaras? Do you use any high-end ones that you think are worth the price tag? Share below and let’s chat makeup!

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