Why I Announce My Pregnancies So Early

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The very reason families sometimes don't announce a pregnancy too early is the reason I do. #pregnancy #motherhood

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then it’ll be news to you that my husband and I are expecting baby #2 early next year. It’s still so early in my pregnancy that it doesn’t even seem real! I’ve just barely started having symptoms and haven’t even been to the doctor yet. Most doctors won’t see you before 6-8 weeks, and I was only 5 weeks when I announced. So why did I announce this pregnancy so early?

I announced my pregnancy with Clementine pretty early as well. I don’t exactly recall how far along I was, as that was over three years ago, but I’m fairly certain it was before six weeks – definitely before seven weeks. I had announced so early because I was excited and immediately sick. Pregnancy hit me like a sack of bricks – every food sounded disgusting and I was tired beyond belief. This second time around, I found out I was pregnant at only three weeks and three days. It was far too early for me to be exhibiting symptoms, but we were still excited so we told family right away.

Another reason we announced early is because I wanted to bring acknowledgement and recognition to that new life right away. Psalm 139:13 tells us that God creates each life, lovingly “knits” us together. Recognizing that life before our family and church just seems right to us. I know this conviction will be different for each family.

*Please note that from here forward I will be discussing a rather sensitive topic: miscarriage. Not in detail or description, but it is mentioned and want to give mamas an opportunity to leave if they aren’t comfortable reading about it at this time.*

The big sister!
But the main reason I announced it so early was the very reason most people don’t.

Most women don’t announce pregnancies so early due to the chance of miscarriage. Roughly 1 in 5 women will experience a miscarriage during their lifetime. That is the exact reason I wanted to announce early – I knew I would want support if we were to go through something as tragic as a miscarriage.

So many families suffer through miscarriages in silence because they were waiting to announce. And I know myself well enough to know that I would want to be surrounded by friends, family, and our community. I’ve seen too many posts in Facebook mom groups from women who are mourning the loss of a miscarriage behind closed doors because no one in their real life knew they were even pregnant. I imagine it can be hard to come out as having been pregnant after losing the baby.

So when did you announce? What factors lead you to that decision? There is no right or wrong answer here 🙂

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