Emotional Management: 3 Legitimate Ways to Stop Being Offended by Everything

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Here's 3 practical tips on how to stop being offended by everything on the Internet. #selfhelp #emotionalmanagement #mentalhealth

You may have clicked on this thinking I was going to make fun of people or give satirical tips on how  “snowflakes” need to just “learn to take a joke”. But that is not the case, my friends! This post is for people who realize they have an emotional reaction to everything on the Internet and they want to change it. It’s for people who are sick of being on an emotional roller coaster and want to take back their control. It’s for people who want to enjoy social media, not be constantly pissed off by it. It’s for people who are looking to become happier and healthier by learning to control their emotions. You may want to control your emotions because you realize that controlling your emotions is easier than trying to control other people.

Why is emotional management something I want to master?

Emotional management is a part of leading an overall healthy lifestyle. In order to make your body healthy, we usually begin with diet and exercise, but your body has strong reactions to your emotions, too. Think of how cartoons are drawn when they get angry: red, steaming, fiery. Being angry is often described as having your blood boil. Being angry is similar to the fight-or-flight response, which can be quite taxing on our systems. Chronic anger can lead to a slew of health problems, so learning to manage your emotions is very important.

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1) Realize your perception of right is just YOUR perception.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of people with dissenting opinions. I wanna be clear that sometimes people’s opinions are hurtful, insensitive, uneducated, and wrong. It’s very apparent that their opinions are meant to harm. However, that doesn’t mean they deserve an emotional (read: angry) reaction from you. See tip #3 on how you can respond to these people!

When it comes to people who simply have different opinions than yours, it is not your burden to convince people of their wrongs, so free yourself of that pressure to respond to them right now. You don’t have to reply and spend your precious energy and brain power on them. I promise you will be happier and healthier if you just scroll on by sometimes.

I’ve written quite a bit about the concept of being right lately, so maybe check out those posts too…

2) Judge people’s intentions.

When it comes to judging ourselves, we often judge our intentions over our actions. Yes, we may have hurt someone, but we didn’t mean to. Extend this same curtesy to people on the Internet. This tip is especially helpful when it comes to humor. There are people out there making jokes that are downright hurtful, but sometimes people are just trying to explain something they don’t understand with humor as well. Their intention is a joke and to get people laughing.

3) Don’t be afraid to block people you consistently disagree with.

If there’s someone on your social media that you are constantly butting heads with, just block them! They’ll never know and you can rest easy. We all have that family member or fellow church member that just says all the right things to get under our skin. Stop subjecting yourself to it and block them.

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