Motivation as a Stay At Home Mom and a Momprenuer

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The mindset that helps me to stay motivated as a stay at home mom and blogger.

I think everyone would agree that stay at home moms have a lot on their plates. Cooking, cleaning, managing schedules, making meals, refereeing, etc. It’s a lot to handle! But moms are so amazing and have added even more to their plates by becoming stay-at-home-momprenuers, too. Moms are flocking to direct sales companies and blogs in order to be able to provide income to their homes. As you can imagine, this makes things even trickier for moms. Makes managing their schedules even more precarious. And sometimes things get really rough. Kids get sick, burn out sets in, emotions run high, and those businesses they love so much can get pushed to the wayside. If that’s you, just know that I totally understand! As a blogger and stay at home mom, I fall under the umbrella of momprenuer. When times get tough, here is the mindset that helps me push through.

Focus on others

When I’m personally struggling with my blog, I find it very motivating to focus on other people in my life. Specifically, I think of how I could be blessing my loved ones and friends in the future when my blog (or whatever side hustle you have) is making money. I focus on how being financially free will benefit others in my life.

It’s really easy for me to become complacent when I’m focusing on just me. I’m sure you’re the same way too! I convince myself that things really aren’t that bad or that my dream doesn’t really matter or that I was silly to dream so big. After all, moms are really good at pushing ourselves to the wayside.

But momprenuers can change that by focusing on how achieving our own dreams will benefit our families and friends.

  • I envision all the “extras” my child will have due to my blog being successful: vacations, hobbies, opportunities to travel, etc.
  • I think of all the amazing birthday gifts my BFF is going to get.
  • Being able to upgrade our kitchen like my husband wants.
  • My husband being able to invest in his hobbies (dirt bikes and coffee) freely.
  • Being able to give to church members in need.
  • Picking up a meal and bringing it over to a friend or family member who’s had a rough day.

Do you have any tricks that help keep you motivated?

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