Blend Foundation Quickly: the tool that has changed my life!

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Shave minutes off your beauty routine by using this tool to blend foundation quickly! Seriously, it takes me less than two minutes! #makeup

If you’re looking for a way to blend foundation quickly, then look no further! I have discovered the secret – and that secret is simply using a large sponge! I’d say that a sponge is one of the most popular ways to blend out foundation. Some of the most popular brands are Real Techniques, Beauty Blender, and EcoTools. While they vary in shape, they are generally the same size. But I recently picked up a Sonia Kashuk sponge from Target and noticed it was huge and that it greatly cut down on my time spent blending.

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Picture of the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge! It really blends foundation quickly!

A Happy Accident

I purchased this sponge on a whim. I like the marble pattern to it and it was only $7, so win-win. It wasn’t until I got home and wet it that I noticed that it was ginormous! Fortunately, I still had a Real Techniques sponge on hand, so I was able to compare them. As you can see, the Sonia Kashuk sponge has much more surface area than the Real Techniques one.

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A larger surface area means it can blend foundation quickly!
Sonia Kashuk sponge on the left and Real Techniques sponge on the right.

To hear more of my thoughts on this sponge and to see a live demo, watch the video below…

If you’re curious, the foundation I’m using is the Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Foundation in Ivory 5 and the Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous Foundation in Beige 5. Mixing the two shades is how I currently get my best shade match and I wanted a little bit more of a satin finish.

As you can see in this video, this sponge makes it sOoOoO quick! I mean, the entire video is under 4 minutes long and I do a lot of talking. I’d say blending my foundation only took 90 seconds or so! Like, someone put me in the book of world records for crying out loud!


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