April Beauty Product Empties

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A couple of months ago I did a post about some beauty product empties. It was basically me going over my hoarded makeup trash and discussing whether or not I would repurchase those products. It did relatively well, and it’s about time I did another!

So here’s how it goes: picture of trash followed by a mini review and if I would purchase the product again. Pretty simple. Got it?

The first thing on my list for April beauty product empties iiiiissss…

Empty Mary Kay Translucent Powder container

Mary Kay Translucent Powder

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS POWDER. Translucent powder can either make or break a look. And if it’s breaking your look, it’s breaking it real bad, trust me! And this powder only costs $18 ($9 for me because I’m a consultant). I use this powder to bake my forehead and to set my under eyes. If need be, I also use it to set my entire face too. This powder leaves your skin silky smooth and helps to fill in pores.

Did I repurchase? Ummm, heck yeah I did!

Empty Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer compact

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

I always say – you can tell if a face powder is good if a beauty guru goes through it! Do you know how long it takes to use up a bronzer or blush when you have lots to choose from? It can take ages! But this bronzer is truly stunning and one of my favorites! It leaves a healthy luminosity to the skin and smells like vacation on the beach!

Did I repurchase? Of course!

Empty brow pomade from ELF


ELF Lock-On Liner and Brow Cream

I much prefer a pomade to a pencil or powder. Prior to using this Lock-On Liner and Brow Cream, I was using the ELF Cream Liner in Coffee. Yes, I was using a brown eyeliner for my brows. However, I dyed my hair pretty dark a couple of months back and needed a darker shade. So I picked up this Lock-On Cream in Espresso, and quickly fell in love. It costs $4, lasts all day, and I love the shade. It’s on the cool side, but doesn’t look gray either.

Did I repurchase? Of course!

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Empty Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy

Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy

This lip gloss lives in my diaper bag because it’s so versatile. It looks great with any look and the formula is nice and comfortable. I love that it has some glitter in it too!

Did I repurchase? Heck yes! You better believe I had a back-up in my vanity.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray

Because I’m still getting into the habit of keeping my trash and not throwing it away, I did toss out this bottle. I still wanted you to have a picture though, so I snagged one off of their website.

While I like how this product worked, I feel like I went through it super fast and I do NOT like the mister on it. Definitely feels like a camel was spitting on me.

Did I repurchase? No. I would in a pinch, but not if I had a choice of something else.

I hope you found this April beauty products empty list helpful! Like I said, I really like to do them! Let me know what products you’ve used up and loved enough to repurchase in the comments below!

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