How to Soothe Colicky Babies: Baby Items that Helped Me Survive

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If you’re currently living through colic, my heart goes out to you, mama. I wouldn’t wish a colicky baby on my worst enemy. Since I know the toll that colic can have, let’s not waste any time and get right into how to soothe colicky babies.

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1. An Exercise Ball

When it comes to soothing colicky babies, an exercise ball was my most hated and most helpful item. This worked to soothe my daughter when nothing else would.

That being said, it was killer on my back, especially because my daughter was in a higher percentile for her weight. To help with the back pain, be sure to order the appropriate size for yourself!

2. Some type of nursing pillow

A decent nursing pillow was absolutely essential for me. I would recommend either a Boppy or a BreastFriend pillow.

My daughter refused a pacifier and loved to nurse. At first I was using a much smaller nursing pillow that wreaked havoc on my back. It wasn’t nearly supportive enough!

It can seem tempting to get a cheaper alternative, but I promise you they aren’t worth it, especially when you’re spending hours at a time nursing.

3. A ring sling

My ring sling is probably one of my favorite items! Not only did it soothe her colic, but it provided literal closeness for us.

Ring slings are incredibly easy to use, can be worn in either a front, forward-facing, or hip style, and they’re fairly breathable and light-weight.

4. A swing

Our swing was our saving grace when it came to naps during the day. I would bounce her to sleep on the ball and then very carefully transfer her to the swing in her room.

For a long time it was the only way she would sleep for naps, other than me holding her, of course.

The pictured swing is the exact one we had, although ours was yellow. It was fairly easy to put together and worked very well for us.

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5. A good sleeping schedule

The thing that helped my daughter’s colic the most wasn’t an item though – it was a good, consistent sleep schedule.

I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the line my daughter’s colic transformed into plain crankiness due to her severe lack of sleep. She was a terrible sleeper – up several times a night and naps during the day were always a struggle. “How to soothe colicky babies” had transformed into “my child never sleeps – HELP”.

Sleep training helped her learn how to sleep so that she was getting the sleep her growing and developing brain needed.

Did you know that babies should only be awake for so long before needing another nap? Keeping them up longer than the recommended times can cause overtiredness, making for an extremely fussy baby and making it even harder for them to sleep once they finally get the opportunity.

For more help on how you can get your baby to sleep better, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group Respectful Sleep Training/Learning. Even if you aren’t interested in sleep training in a traditional sense, the admins of that group are like sleep wizards and can help you nail down a solid routine to set you and your baby up for sleeping success. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this group!

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4 responses to “How to Soothe Colicky Babies: Baby Items that Helped Me Survive

    • Kalyn

      Statistically speaking, you have higher chances of having a peaceful baby than a colicky one 🙂 Prayers for you as you welcome a little one into your family!

    • Kalyn

      Nightmarish is a very appropriate descriptor for living through a colicky baby! It can take quite the toll. Thanks for stopping by!

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