Green Smoothies for Toddlers

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I’m not sure about you, but – without a doubt – my most frustrating mom moments occur during meal times. My daughter is a very strong-willed dragon. She has lots of opinions, but she also has a speech delay and is unable to express said opinions. This makes mealtimes pretty dang tricky!  Every single meal every single day is pretty much a guessing game. Am I making something she wants? I have no clue until she refuses it and throws it on my floor. That poses multiple problems: 1) girlfriend still hasn’t eaten, 2) I have to clean my floor, 3) I have to make something else for her – while my food gets cold. If I’m being entirely honest, I’ve all but given up on meal times. Live off chicken nuggets, cheese, and Greek yogurt, Clementine – fine by me! But mom guilt creeps in. And that’s when I introduced green smoothies for toddlers.

If the above paragraph sounds like you at all, then this post is for you. If your picky eater is causing you mom guilt or making you pull out your hair, this post is for you, sister! This post is also for you if you’ve tried to be the sneakiest mom ever and slip them veggies without them knowing. If you’ve literally begged your toddler to eat a vegetable out of desperation, I get it. I 10,000% get it. And that’s why I’m sharing these recipes with you. These green smoothies have allowed me to get some serious nutrition into my daughter with zero fight. That’s right – girlfriend loves them!

Green smoothie formula and customization

In these green smoothies for toddlers, you’ll see that I have a basic formula that I always follow:

  • 2 fruits
  • greens
  • protein
  • healthy fats

The brilliance of these smoothies is that you can completely customize them based off your budget and your toddler’s preferences. It’s genius!

I went ahead and designed a print out just for your convenience! I list several different foods in each of the four categories and include two of our favorite combinations. I wanted something that would really take the guess work out of it for you! I also include my special tips on how I keep spinach in our house for the smoothies. Spinach is such a temperamental veggie with a short shelf-life, but is amazing to sneak into green smoothies for toddlers (hence the name), so I included two ways I preserve spinach in our house so I always have it on hand!

To get these print outs, just enter your email address and name below. The print out will be sent to you shortly afterward!

The best blender for smoothies

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender is the best for smoothies! I have one of these (the older model) and use it all the time! I love that it cuts down on dishes because it isn’t a huge, clunky blender. It literally pulverizes everything I’ve ever put in it, which makes the smoothies so… well, smooth! Literally cannot recommend this enough! You’d find yourself using it all the time.

Why I don’t fight over meals

I know that lots of moms choose meal times to be their hill to die on. And that’s okay. The adage “eat it or starve” is well known. For our family, this doesn’t work right now. Our daughter is still young, having just turned two at the end of January, and has a speech delay. Therefore, she has no way of communicating her dietary preferences. It personally feels wrong to me to force her to eat something she had no say in.

Furthermore, God is currently teaching me the super hard lesson that being right is not the most important thing. You see, being right is my vice. I cling to it with white knuckles, and it causes a lot of unnecessary problems in my life. Am I right in thinking that my daughter should be eating more nutritious meals? Absolutely. But is making her hate every meal time worth being right? I have decided it’s not. Not right now, anyways. That may very well change down the line. Expect more details about this in a future blog post…

This is why I love these green smoothies for toddlers – it allows me to still be right 😉

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14 responses to “Green Smoothies for Toddlers

  1. I love when people can break down topics like smoothies – which always seem so overwhelming – to simple formulas like you’ve done here. Thank you, Kalyn. Now maybe I can finally put our blender to use for the small fry.

    • Kalyn

      Awesome! I hope this is helpful – that is my goal after all! Good luck! And don’t be afraid to experiment!

  2. Just put my info in! I don’t have any children of my own – though it’s difficult to get my oldest niece to eat much – but I’m still curious about green smoothies for myself. I’m one of those people that don’t like a ton of veggies, so if I can hide them from myself, I’m good. haha


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