A Glowing Makeup Haul from the Drugstore + Reviews

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I’m really excited to be bringing my first haul to you! This was my first time out shopping for makeup for my blog and that felt great! You guys – it’s part of my job to shop for makeup! Am I living the dream or what?! Anyways, it was warming up for us here in Phoenix, which had me thinking spring is around the corner, so I wanted to focus on products that will get my skin glowing to give it a fresh look. Glowing makeup, if you will; however, joke’s on me because we have now plummeted back down to the 50’s-60’s for this week with lots of wind and clouds. But I’ve still been playing around with these glowing makeup products, and have lots of thoughts to share. It’s been a sacrifice, I know – you can hale me later – but let’s get into my review right now.

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As I stated, I was selecting my products based on their glow factor. I wanted products that would bring luminosity to my skin. Being fresh-faced and dewy is very in for spring and summer. I basically want my skin to look like I’ve been kissed by the early morning dew during those seasons. But like, in a pretty, non-greaseball way, ya feel me?

So my first glowing makeup product is this liquid highlight by Makeup Revolution. I selected it because other similar products are known for delivering glowing goodness to your complexion. This specific product also intrigued me because it seems very similar to a much more expensive product by Cover FX. Did I have a dupe on my hands?!

I purchased the shade Starlight because it had a pinky undertone, which I like. As you can see by the swatch, this thing is stunning. However, I cannot – for the life of me – figure out how to get this to look good on my complexion! When applied over foundation and powder, it grabs weird and does not blend out well. When applied under foundation, I feel like it sinks down into every pore and fine line I have. I’ve even tried this on no-makeup makeup days just to highlight my cheek bones and it just doesn’t look good that way either. I feel like once it’s properly blended out it looks more glittery than anything.

So while this thing swatches great, I’m sad to report that it does not perform well. That being said, this line does have several other shades – I would be willing to try out other shades and see if they perform any differently.

I was so excited when I heard Pixi was releasing these liquid fairy lights! They’re super similar to the liquid glitters by Stila, but will only run you $15 instead of $24. But are they just as stunning??

I picked the shade Rose Gold because I thought I would get the most use out of it, but they do have four other shades in the range. I like the shades they offer because I find them to be pretty wearable and user-friendly.

As I was trying out this glowing makeup product, I was looking at several different things:

  1. Is there lots of sparkle?
  2. Is there a pretty pigment behind the sparkle?
  3. Does it apply easily/well?
  4. Does it last long?
  5. Is there any flaking or peeling?

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I’m happy to report that this product passed all the tests! It has lots of glitter but also a gorgeous rose gold pigment to it. I love the applicator, which makes it easy to apply, and it plays nice with powder shadows I’ve already put down. It lasted all day, with zero flaking or peeling.

I’m using the glitter on my lids in both of the pictures above. STUNNING! It goes well with easy, more natural looks and with more dramatic looks, too.

I wanted my next glowing makeup product to be something for the lips. Glosses are totally coming back and I am here for it this spring and summer! I came across these babies and was automatically intrigued. They have several other shades, so I spent a lot of time swatching and comparing all the testers. I eventually settled on the shades Booming (top) and Fair Play (bottom), because, again, I figured I’d get the most use out of them.

However, even looking at these swatches, you can tell that Fair Play just doesn’t hold a candle to Booming. Booming is that perfect pinky shade with a golden shift. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been obsessed with it and wearing it every change I get. It gives every lip color a golden sheen. In comparison, I felt like Fair Play just looked like a regular gloss once on the lips.

Shades aside, the glosses feel great on the lips. Not too thick or sticky, but just enough tackiness to keep them around for a bit. The shimmer in them is also very smooth and does not feel gritty in the slightest. I also really love the applicator on them – it’s a flat paddle and I much prefer that to the traditional doe-foot applicator.

Oh yeah! I’m actually wearing Booming on top of a L’Oréal metallic lipstick in the pictures above as well! Easily one of my favorite lip combos ever!

I certainly saved the best for last! Our last glowing makeup product is the SophX highlighting palette by Makeup Revolution. I gravitated toward this palette for a couple reasons: 1) $12 for eight highlights is a no brainer, 2) it has a lavender shade, 3) it features two different formulas, pressed and baked. *Weird side note: Ulta claims that this palette has five baked shades and three pressed shades. But when I look at and feel the shades, I would say that it’s an even split – four baked and four pressed.

Overall, I would have to say that I absolutely love this palette. I’m gonna be honest – I did not have high hopes for the baked shades. Baked powder products, especially from the drugstore, are famously scratchy and dry. But I am happy to report that is not the case with this palette.

Using the baked golden shade from the palette.


Every shade from this palette performs well! I love to use it for my more dramatic looks and for my more natural looks. I love the shade range it offers too – every shade is unique from one another but most of them are still extremely wearable. Now, I cannot use the shades from the bottom right corner – they’re simply too dark for my skin tone – and I do use the lavender shade sparingly, as it can cast a strange shadow. Other than that, I’m simply in love with this palette! 10/10, would recommend!

That concludes it! Thanks for reading my review on these products! I’m pretty pleased with everything over all, aside from the liquid highlighter and that one gloss, but that highlight palette is 10,000% worth it! Let me know if you guys enjoy posts like this… Did you find the reviews helpful? Are there any other products you would like for me to try out? Let me know below!

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14 responses to “A Glowing Makeup Haul from the Drugstore + Reviews

    • Kalyn

      NYX is probably one of my favorite brands! They’re super affordable but are constantly putting out great products with innovative concepts.

    • Kalyn

      I was so surprised the golden shade worked on me, as it’s usually too deep/vibrant for my skintone. I love it too!

  1. Those Pixi glitters look fantastic! I am trying not to buy any more makeup until I use what I have, but I am going to have to get some of that ASAP! I particularly love the lighter shade!

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