Using Every Eyeshadow in the Palette

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If you haven’t seen this going around, then my question to you is WHY ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK?! These videos have been so popular on YouTube and are so fun to watch. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it’s when an artist selects an eyeshadow palette and then attempts to use every single shade in the palette. I’d say, at max, I maybe use seven eyeshadows for my more complex looks. So being challenged to use every single shade is quite the – well – challenge.


For reference, click here to watch one of my favorite YouTubers epically fail at this challenge. Be warned that Kristi uses profane language! 

I think we all know where Kristi went wrong – girlfriend picked out a huge palette! Twenty-eight shades is a whole, heck of a lot to work with! However, I still want this to be a challenge. Picking a smaller quad or six-pan palette would be too easy. So I picked a 14-pan palette: Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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I picked this palette for a couple other reasons, too.

  1. This thing is a cult favorite.
  2. It performs well.
  3. The color story is very Valentines-y.

Don’t worry – I’ll spare you guys a tutorial, because I doubt any sane person wants to voluntarily use all 14 shades from the eyeshadow palette! Overall, I really like how this look turned out. I would say I was pretty successful!

Now, before we sign off for the day – I just wanna say Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember to buy all the leftover chocolate tomorrow for 50% off!

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If you’ve tried this challenge yourself, leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out and leave you some love! Or if you loved someone’s version of this challenge then leave that link too!

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