Easy Makeup Tutorial Using One Eyeshadow

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One thing I’m really good at is overcomplicating things. Not that I love to do it or anything – I’m just really good at it. Especially when it comes to makeup. Lots of my makeup looks take too much time and involve too many products. But not this one, girlfriend! This easy makeup tutorial is just that – easy! It takes one eyeshadow and three brushes. Three brushes may seem like a lot, but I’ll explain the madness behind the method as we get into it. So let’s just jump right into this easy makeup tutorial!

Let’s start with some pictures!

One reason why I’m absolutely obsessed with this method is that it’s simple. Your main focus is blending. You don’t have to be concerned about placing a specific shadow in a specific area. It’s one shadow all over the friggin’ place. You also don’t have to be concerned about if different eyeshadows go together, because we’re only using one. Another reason this easy makeup tutorial is awesome is because it’s so versatile. If you want to add eyeliner, add eyeliner. Feelin’ false lashes? Go for it! You can also play around with your eye shape with this method by either rounding or winging out the shadow. And my absolute favorite thing about this method is that it allows you to really experiment with color theory when you do your lipstick. As you can see above, I really indulged in this aspect. I paired a deep, reddish brown lipstick with an orange shadow; a pinky, nude lipstick with electric purple eyeshadow; and berry, metallic lipstick with a camel colored eyeshadow. It was so fun to play with the color combinations!

Now that we’ve gone over why I love this look, let’s get into how I achieve it!

L to R: fluffy blending brush, brush with a pinched ferrule, smaller blending brush.

The method behind the madness.

So I mentioned needing three different eyeshadow brushes for this look. You’re going to need a large, fluffy blending brush, a smaller, tapered blending brush, and a blending brush that has a pinched ferrule (the pinched ferrule means the bristles have a more elongated, oval shape instead of round). The reason you need three different brushes is because they will give a different effect and intensity with the one eye shadow we’re using. It’s like magic! A fluffier brush gives you a softer and more diffused application, while a smaller brush will give you more intensity and precision.


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Finally getting to the tutorial.

So we’re going to start with our pinched ferrule brush. Select any eyeshadow you like and start by lightly tapping the ends of the bristles into the shadow. You want to start with a small amount of product, so tap off any excess. You’re going to place the brush toward the outer corner of your eye in your crease and begin blending back and forth. You want an even and soft application in your crease, so dip your brush back into your eye shadow as needed.

Once you’re pleased with the intensity, grab your larger blending brush and blend even more, especially between your brow bone and the eyeshadow. This will really help to soften the look and give you a gradient effect. You want this to basically blend into nothingness before your brow.

Next, grab the smaller, more precise blending brush. I like to use one that has a flatter edge to it. It allows me to pack color onto my lid and still get some blending done. Dip the belly of the brush into your shadow. You’re going to want more pigment this time, so don’t be afraid to pick up some extra. Place the shadow on your entire mobile lid using a patting motion. A patting motion will give you more pigment initially. Once your entire lid is covered, begin to blend it into your crease. Use more eyeshadow as needed. Use any of the three brushes as needed as well. I recommend blending more precisely with your smaller brush, then using the brush with a pinched ferrule, and then finishing the big, fluffy one.

Once you’re satisfied with your work, take your smaller brush, dip it in the eyeshadow lightly, and smudge it along your lower lash line. Start with less and build to your desired intensity. Only use your small blending brush for this step – the other two will be far too large. If you went with a neutral enough color, you can skip this step altogether if you’d like. If you went with a bolder color, I highly recommend doing this step or your eyes can appear top-heavy.

Finish off the look with as many coats of mascara as your heart desires! As stated before, add false lashes or eyeliner according to your preferences.

Final thoughts

Is this easy makeup tutorial something you would try out? It might sound complicated in description, but once you sit down and actually try it I promise it’s easy! This maybes takes me 5-7 minutes to achieve. Are there any fun colors you would like to see me use for a look like this?

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