Dare to Create Palette by Morphe | Review + 5 Different Looks

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This Christmas I had no plans of asking for any makeup, but my poor mother-in-law loves to shop for girls, so when she asked for gift ideas for me, I polled one of my favorite Facebook makeup groups and the Morphe Dare to Create palette was suggested.  #longestrunonsentenceever

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The color scheme and layout intrigued me enough, but was it good? Now, I have two other Morphe palettes: The Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette from back in the day and the Jaclyn Hill palette that released in 2017. I love and use both of them pretty consistently still. But every palette is different and not every product from a brand can be a hit… So I turned to YouTube. Fortunately, Morphe is a pretty well-known brand on social media, so a search for this palette returned over 10,000 results. And lots of girls I regularly watch on YouTube had reviews up as well. After seeing the reviews, I officially told my MIL to get it for me.

And because this was one of the only gift ideas I actually gave her, I wasn’t exactly shocked when I got it, but I was excited! I immediately opened it up to take a peek at the colors and they are just as pretty as they were online. Because my toddler tornado was there, I resisted swatching the colors at that moment to avoid creating interest for Clementine. #momlife

It wasn’t until the next day that I got to swatch them and holy cow! Let’s just get straight into the pros and cons of this palette and then I’ll post about the four looks I created with it.

Pros of the Dare to Create Palette

  • Color scheme. The color scheme of this palette is quite unique. It has plenty of neutrals, but also greens, blues, and berry tones.
  • Layout. That middle row in the palette features larger pans, because those colors are typically used more often.
  • Performance. These shadows are super pigmented, blend with ease, and last all day long.
  • Minimal fallout. Generally speaking, more colorful shadows, like blues, greens, and berries, have more fallout. While these shadows have kickback when you dip your brush into them, I had super minimal fallout when blending them onto my eyes. Like, so minimal that I was slightly shocked. And because I always powder well, the fall out swept away easily.
  • Packaging. This cardboard packaging is much preferred to Morphe’s usual/previous plastic packaging. I also love the foiled detail on the front.
  • Low price point. Thirty-nine colors for $32?! YES PLEASE!

Cons of the Dare to Create Palette

  • No highlighting shades. Neither matte nor metallic, this palette is sorely missing a shade like this. To me, you cannot complete a look without a highlighting shade.
  • Large. This palette has 39 shades and is, therefore, quite large. I mean, that just goes with the territory of housing 39 colors, but it may be something you want to take into consideration when it comes to storing the palette.
  • Staining. Some of the berry tones left me stained. I’ll cover this more later on.
  • Must order online. Morphe Brushes, while newly being sold at some Ulta stores, is mainly an online brand. In fact, this palette isn’t even available on Ulta’s website either. So you must order it online and pay for shipping.
  • Stupid, plastic shade name insert! Probably one of my biggest pet peeves – the shade names are on a plastic insert and not on the palette itself. That means if I want to know the shade names then I need to keep the insert around, which is super annoying!

All right, let’s get into the looks now!

For reference, here is an image where I have transposed the shade names onto the palette.

Featured Image


Look #1

This is the first look I created with the Dare to Create palette. I wanted to play with the berry tones and keep it fairly warm.

  • I used Bare and Canvas in my crease with a large fluffy brush.
  • Next I put Define Me in my crease with a smaller fluffy brush.
  • With an even smaller brush I put Vivid in my crease, much more precisely.
  • Then I went in with Create on two-thirds of my lid and up into my crease. I blended it with all of those warm, orange shades we had originally put down. Create really impressed me because it had very little fall out and was very pigmented. However, this is the shade that stained my eye lids. I definitely looked like I had some sort of infection when I took off my makeup at the end of the day. That being said, it was easily covered by my foundation the next day.
  • For my lid, I cut the crease using my Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer on a small concealer brush and then covered the concealer with So Glam. I absolutely love this shade! It’s a stunning greeny gold.
  • On my lower lash line I started by blending Bare into my lashes. I blended this down pretty far. Then I went right in with a small amount of Create again to bring in that berry tone.
  • On my inner corner I used Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill palette because – again – this palette has no highlighting shades.
  • I finished off my lashes with mascara.


Look #2

For my second look using the Dare to Create palette, I wanted to play with the green tones. I love green eyeshadows, but matte green eyeshadows are really hard to formulate properly – most just end up looking gray once they have been blended out. I’m pleased to announce that is not the case with the green shades in this palette!

For the record, I just wanna say that Morphe missed a huge opportunity by naming one of these green shades Fickle and not Pickle! Like, helllooooo?!

  • Keeping the crease fairly warm again, I went in with Bare on a large fluffy brush.
  • Then I went in with Define Me and Vivid on a smaller brush.
  • For the green shades, I started by packing Fickle onto the inner and outer corners of my eyes. I kept the center of my lid blank. I worked to blend the edges into the warm shades as I went.
  • To deepen the look, I packed Pine over Fickle.
  • To help with blending in the crease I took a small amount of Evolve on a small blending brush. This step really helped to marry the orange and green shades.
  • For the center of my lid, I picked up So Glam on a packing brush and patted it on the blank space on my lid.
  • For my lower lash line I took Stroke and Fame on a stiff brush and blended it out about half way toward my inner corner. I also ran some brown eye liner in my water liner.
  • My inner corner highlight is Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill palette.
  • I finished off my lashes with mascara.


Look #3

I obviously wanted to play with the blue tones from the Dare to Create for this look. That matte navy blue was calling my name!

  • I didn’t want this look to be too warm, so I started off with Bare and Canvas in my crease with a large fluffy brush. I built those colors up to my desired intensity.
  • Next I went in with a smaller blending brush in my crease with Cat Eye to deepen the look.
  • Then I took the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean and blended that out on my lid using a synthetic domed brush.
  • Then I took a packing brush and patted Indigo on my lid, right over the black. Putting the black cream down first really helped this color retain its pigmentation. If you want Indigo to appear even more blue, you can use a blue cream shade.  Again, such little fall out that I was super impressed!
  • For my lower lash line I started by winging out Image on my outer corner. Yes, that is eyeshadow, not eyeliner. Then I took Tailor, a beautiful, icy blue, and blended that out across the rest of my lash line.
  • On my inner corner I put the smallest amount of Tailor and then topped it with Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill palette.
  • I finished my lashes with mascara.


Look #4

Since all my other looks are so colorful, I really wanted to play with the more neutral tones from the Dare to Create palette this time around. But I still got a little creative with this look with some crystals under my eyes. I just used lash glue to stick them on.

  • Obviously I went pretty warm again, so I started out with Bare and Define Me in the crease using a large fluffy brush.
  • Then, of course, I used Vivid again on a smaller blending brush.
  • I took Vivid and Cut Crease on a packing brush and patted it on the inner and outer corner of my eyes, leaving the center blank. I used a small blending brush to blend as I went.
  • For the center of my lid I packed on Artistic using my finger.
  • For my lower lash line I used Stroke and Frame to deepen the look. I also added some brown eye liner to my water line.
  • My inner corner highlight is Champagne Pop from Becca x Jaclyn Hill.
  • I finished off my lashes with mascara and some lash trios by Ardell on the outer corner.


Look #5

And I saved the best for last! I’m obsessed with how this look turned out! I was inspired by the sunset! For some reason, I love that the Dare to Create palette has this color scheme!

For those that may be wondering, my lip color is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen.

  • Firstly, we’re keeping it warm in the crease again with Bare and Define Me with a large fluffy brush.
  • I made it extra warm blending a lot of Vivid in my crease as well. I really built this color up so that it would stand up to the purple shade.
  • Next, I patiently packed Forever on my outer corner and up past my crease. Forever is a gorgeous, blackened purple shade. I have hooded eyes, so I wanted this color to still show a bit when my eyes were fully open. I brought this shade in about half way.
  • Using my Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer, I cut my lid using a small concealer brush.
  • Then, using Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill Palette, I patted it all over the concealer I just laid down. I took my time to blend this shade in with Forever.
  • For my lower lash line I just blended Bare and Vivid along. Then I took a small amount of Forever on a smudger brush and just barely blended that right into my lashes, just for some dimension.
  • My inner corner highlight is Enlight from the Jaclyn Hill palette.
  • I finished off my lashes with mascara and the Ardell lash trios again.

Final Thoughts on the Dare to Create Palette

Over all, I’m very pleased with the looks I’ve been able to create using the Dare to Create palette. The colors applied and blended easily with minimal fall out. The palette has a wide color selection, so it’s great for every day use or creative play. And for $32 this thing is a steal!






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8 responses to “Dare to Create Palette by Morphe | Review + 5 Different Looks

  1. I always seem to fail at makeup!! I tend to feel a little like a clown! This was very informative. I think I could manage when following your tips. Thank you!

    • Kalyn

      It’s really easy to feel like a clown when you’re starting out or trying something new – but rest assured that you just have to get used to it! 🙂 Lipstick made me feel like a clown for a long time.

  2. I can’t decide which look is my favorite! I love all of them! But I LOVE the blue in Look #3! It’s dramatic and calming all at the same time! Love it!!

  3. The looks you created are beautiful! I have to agree though, it’s surprising that the whole palette doesn’t have a single highlighting shade!

    • Kalyn

      Definitely an oversight, in my opinion. It’s not a huge deal if you have a large makeup collection, but for someone who’s hunting for the perfect, every day palette – this matters.

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